How Does A jealous Person Behave?

You must be thinking, what happens when jealousy occurs.How Does A jealous Person Behave? Have you ever been afraid to lose the loved one because he met someone else? Think about it a moment before answering. Fear of losing Is natural. Love frightens us. All this goes into jealousy.

How does a jealous person behave?

Jealous people live in the eye of their opponents,. They think that in this way they will be able to prevent, or discover, the opponent infidelity. The jealous ones are threatening the environment in which the person moves: work, studies, family, friends . Even the most superficial relationship can be perceived as a threat.. There are two types of jealousy, obsessive and delusional . People affected by jealousy may manifest one or both.

Who are the jealous obsessed?

Obsessive jealousies are characterized by the control and prohibitions imposed on the partner and have the following behaviors:

-Check mail, phone, and social network partner accounts .

– They mutilate their partner each time they are attacked by a doubt about a picture, a message, a call.

-Change your partner constantly and make surprise visits just to make sure he is where he says he is.

– They show to the loved one not to make up, to dress their hair, to dress as they wish because they consider them actions that lead to infidelity.

-Manage the families, they think they can report possible lover’s messages.

-Make any friend of the opposite sex to prevent a betrayal.

-These people are preventing a partner from attending even same-sex people because they fear they may be homosexual.

The jealous people with this obsession of control nourish their anxiety, worry, insecurity and distrust. There is an emotional malaise caused by distorted thoughts:

  • They are not considered attractive enough.
  • They are afraid to stay alone.
  • They believe that anyone is better than them and for that they may lose their partner.
  • They feed and project a feeling of insecurity.

Who are the jealous delusions?

Delusional jealousies are convinced of the opponent infidelity without having clues. Their jealousy is excessive and constantly strengthens (any detail can be a proof that justifies their attitude), they are very possessive.

Delusional jealousies want to discover partner lover because they are convinced of their existence.They adopt an attitude of control and mistrust, so the partner suffers and is on his own. Both suffer and “reinforce” one another’s behavior. The jealousy becomes increasingly obsessive, the partner increasingly private .

The jealous one is sorry for the suffering he inflicts on the partner, but this does not prevent him from fueling his jealousy in any way. A jealousy that often results in  aggression , which can be verbal, physical or psychological . Once calmed down, jealousy returns to the beginning of the circle asking for forgiveness.

Jealousy can change?

Jealous people can change. In fact, cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques are among the best resources to bring this change to frustration. The jealous ones learn to trust the other, to firmly believe in his loyalty, because they love to stand beside them and love the life they have together .

The jealous person can change when he understands that he has values ​​for which he is loved to be loved and when he understands that he can improve some aspects that might away him from his partner. Restoring the perception of its values ​​and the locus of control  will stimulate and favor change.

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