5 Major Areas of Psychology Specialization For Psychologists

Major Areas of Psychology explore new gateway for Psychologists.Because it is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.The area of interest in  sty-ding psychology subject is very important. Therefore you need to understand most papolar areas where you can further explore your knowledge.

Clinical Psychology

A branch of psychology concerned with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of abnormal behavior. It is the oldest as well as the most well known branch of psychology. Clinical psychologists are trained to diagnose and treat problems ranging from the every day crises of life such as grief due to the death of a loved one, to more extreme conditions, such as a loss of touch with reality. Some clinical psychologists also conduct research, investigating issues that range from identifying the early signs of psychological disturbance, and studying the relationship between how family members communicate with one another, to the understanding of a wide variety of psychological disorders.

Industrial / Organizational Psychology

A branch of psychology that studies the psychology in action at the workplace, including productivity, job satisfaction, and decision-making. Health Psychology The branch of psychology that explores the relationship of psychological factors and physical ailments or disease e.g. Health psychologists are interested in how the long- term stress (a psychological factor) can affect physical health. They are also concerned with identifying ways of promoting behaviors related to good health (such as exercise) or discouraging unhealthy behaviors (such as smoking, drinking etc).

You Must Know About These Different Major  Areas of  Psychology In Order To Understand The Depth Knowledge of The Subject

Consumer Psychology

A branch of psychology that studies and explains our buying habits and our effects of advertising a buying behavior. Mainly dealt with the likes and dislikes and preferences of people.

Environmental Psychology

A branch of psychology, that focuses upon the relationship between people and their physical environment. It is one of the newly emerging, and in-demand, areas of psychology. Environmental psychologists have made significant progress in understanding how our physical environment affects the way we behave toward others, our emotions, and how much stress we experience in a particular setting.

Sport Psychology

The branch of psychology, that studies the psychological variables that have an impact upon the sportspersons’ performance; e.g. how stress can affect sport performance, how morale can be boosted, the role of self-concept and esteem, the impact of crowd behavior etc.

Forensic Psychology

The branch of psychology that investigates legal issues and psychological variables involved in criminal behavior ; e.g. what factors determine criminal tendencies, how criminals be reformed, deciding what criteria indicate that a person is legally insane, and whether larger and smaller juries make fairer decisions.

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