Because we expect everything from those who have promised us nothing

Expectations are a real boulder for the heart and soul. Even when we are convinced that these do not belong to us and pretend not to be interested in certain things, we actually know very well that in the relationship, and towards that person, we have placed many hopes .

As if we had entered into a sort of implicit agreement with respect to our dreams and desires, thus binding us to something that does not actually exist , but which we hope will arrive. So, we find ourselves waiting for days, months and years, convincing ourselves that sooner or later that person will do that certain thing, make that small gesture that can change everything, make us happy.

We always expect a lot from people, especially from those who have promised us nothing , deluding ourselves for a small gesture, for a half affirmation made with tight lips or for a hinted smile. We are convinced that behind those individual gestures there is a world of unspoken things, and precisely because of them, we build the highest expectations .

We already know the epilogue inside the heart. Do we know that that person will disappoint us and moreover how to hate those who have not promised us anything? We wanted to bang our heads and hurt ourselves , a little more, before realizing that maybe that road really doesn’t belong to us.

We found ourselves many times licking those wounds, although aware that we could have avoided yet another broken heart. Because it is true that life must be lived to the end, at the risk of getting hurt, but it is equally true that time is the most precious gift we have, and we should only use it with people who really want to be with us.

Those who want us disheveled , daring and rebellious, but also fragile and sensitive, with all those who before our strengths know how to love defects, with those who do not need to create promises or false illusions because they know how to make reality better day after day, above all expectations.

We should stop investing our time and energy that we have in those situations or for those people for whom it is not worth insisting. We are not sacrificial victims, we are the absolute protagonists of life , and we are the ones who decide and make our rules. Although we have learned that giving, without asking for anything in return, can be beautiful, it is equally true that the most authentic and lasting relationships are based on sharing and reciprocity .

If we realize that expectations are being disappointed, and that what we deserve doesn’t seem to come, we have no choice but to let go, to seek happiness elsewhere .


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