What if I stop asking questions?

Creating the why, the causes and the feelings of guilt is something that belongs to us and that is imbued in each of us. Not that it is wrong to stop and contemplate the reasons for certain events, we are human and this belongs to us. The problem comes when we do with all these questions an insurmountable obstacle that does not allow us to evolve , grow and live.

All these because, on which we spend days, weeks and months, brooding, become a real impediment in achieving each dream and goal. We know how to complicate life , like no other living creature can. Yet, it would be enough just to stop for a moment, to make a clean sweep of all that was and could be, to enjoy the present and all those little daily joys that we too often neglect.

Instead, we always remain on the same questions, looking for answers that, perhaps, we don’t even care about anymore. The truth is that we should simply learn to let go and welcome everything that life has reserved for us and that too often, due to our stubbornness, we are unable to welcome.

Because we dwell on the past , on all the things done and said and because we still take charge of the future without realizing that life is here and now , and the present is the most precious thing we have.

So let’s look around, let’s move our gaze towards the horizon and all those wonders of the world that surround us. Let’s stop wanting to give an explanation to everything that happens to us, to every mood, to every inner discomfort, rather we release the energy we have inside , that lifeblood that allows us to realize dreams, to pursue the wishes.

Let us flourish, feed on the seed of happiness that dwells in our heart and soul, which only waits to become the most beautiful flower. It is not always necessary to ask oneself which direction to go, we take the first train that passes , even if this means going to unknown destinations .

We risk, even if this may mean failing: we have an infinite number of possibilities to start again and be happy, because without too many questions, things spontaneously find their direction.


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