What Is Resilience:How To be resilient?

Resilience is ability of the human being to overcome adverse situations.Human resilience is really important for the development of our life.This term was adapted for those people who are living in situations of high risk.Face problems no matter how difficult they are, remember that you are strong and capable of everything you propose “

What Is Resilience:How To be resilient?

What Characterizes A Resilience Person?

  • They are people who accept reality as it comes, do not try to disguise it or adorn it. They look with optimism for formulas that help them to get out of this negative situation without avoiding such circumstances, taking charge of the problems that it entails. 
  • Their flexibility allows them to adapt easily to the continuous changes that life offers. 
  • They are usually very capable of isolating their emotions from problems, a fact that helps them to face them with greater objectivity and finally more effectively in the successful search for solutions. Your ability to control your impulses and emotions is an important characteristic. 
  • They have a high motivation that helps them to improve their negative situations. They are subjects with high self-esteem and great confidence in themselves and their abilities.
  • They value the facts in a reasoned way.
  • They maintain the capacity to face the situation with the capacities they have.
  • They calmly handle negative emotions and feelings.
  • They show flexibility to adapt to new situations that arise and that require a change.
  • They are constant with all those tasks that they initiate and carry out.
  • They have adequate patience to deal with and overcome extreme situations.

How To Develop Resilience?

  • Create social relationships beyond the family. Connecting with friends and colleagues with whom you can establish support links, will provide you with alternatives and role models to face new challenges.
  • Change your perspective regarding crises. Coping with a difficult moment as something catastrophic is not a characteristic of someone resilient. Accept adversity thinking that it will serve to build a better future and look for small stimuli that will help you cope.
  • Face and decide . Dodging adverse situations does nothing but prolong them. Do not be afraid to think about it and take sides. This will help you find the solution better.
  • Power your communication . With others and with yourself. Knowing how to manage the feelings that address us will make difficult situations do not exceed us.
  • Love yourself First, you must accept how you are and have a positive view of yourself. Accept your strengths and weaknesses, strengthening what will help you overcome all kinds of situations.
  • Take care physically and mentally. Exercising on a regular basis greatly helps our state of health, forging a physical resilience that will help us overcome more situations. Do not forget to pay attention to your feelings, your concerns and your needs to feel good psychologically.



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