What Is Landline Phone;10 Advantages of Using The Landline

Landline phone is a device that transmits the voice from one place to another through a copper, metal or fiber optic wire.Fixed telephones are devices used to communicate from one place to another . They are fixed  in homes and offices.

What Is Landline Phone;10 Advantages of Using The Landline

How A Landline Phone works;Making A call With The Landline Phone

Basically the landline works in such a way that the sound is transformed into electrical energy.It is transported by the cables and transformed back into sound in another telephone which is located on the other distance.

  • The landline is connected to a special wall box that requires electricity for its operation. The electricity travels through a cable network that runs from the center of the phone company to your home.
  • When you pick up the phone to make a call, the phone perceives the current that is flowing init. The telephone exchange sends a tone that tells you that it can process the call.
  • When the phone is picked up on the other side, the electrical energy flows to the receiving telephone. The signal instructs the connector to terminate the dialing signal and the connection between the two telephones is achieved .
  • The base of each of the headphones has a deposit with small particles of coal next to a thin sheet of metal. The electricity enters the coal so that the particles are compressed and the plate vibrate . The waves of sound have become at this point in electric waves.

Receiving a call on a landline

The electricity current travels through the cables carrying the information that generates the voice,reaches the power station and then goes to your home.

Parts of A Landline Phone

  • The bell: It is an oscillator that is connected to the horn.
  • Hybrid coil :It is a transformer responsible for receiving and transmitting signals using only two conductors.
  • Dialing circuits : Where the phone number is entered. These have changed over time, first it was a pulsatile system by dialing, now it is a system of several frequencies.
  • DTMF keyboard: These are extra keys with special functions.
  • Receiver: It is a kind of speaker with a small magnet that has a diaphragm connected. It is in this area where the electric wave signal is transformed into sound and generates the voice that reaches the ear.
  • The transmitter: It is the microphone that receives the voice when we speak. It presents a carbon which changes the sound vibrations in resistance modifications, generating changes in the electric waves.
  • The switch: Controls the device through the headset. This switch opens or closes circuits allowing the phone to work.

Advantages of Using The Landline

  • Price: The device as such has an economic cost compared to a mobile phone. In addition, the lifespan of the landline is greater.
  • Rates: Conversing from one landline to another has a much lower cost than mobile rates.
  • Time: You can talk from fixed to fixed without worrying about time , consumption is minimal and usually you do not have to worry about the battery charge.
  • Coverage: The conversation is more fluid because the coverage is not so unstable .
  • Calls abroad: It is more convenient and profitable to call abroad using a landline.
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