Requirement of Salat in Jamaat

Requirement of Salat in Jamaat 

Abu Huraira said. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: The most difficult and heavy prayer for the hypocrites is the Asha and Fajr prayers. If they had known about what goodness and reward there was, they would have participated in it, even if it was a joke. Sometimes I wish I was ordered to pray, and it is established, and then I give orders to one person, he will pray with the people; I’ll get out with a bunch of people who have loads of wood. We will find people who did not attend prayer. We will burn their houses with them. ” [Sahih Bukhari: 1, Sahih Muslim 1:]

Discussion regarding the words used in the hadith 

।ثْقَلَ صَلَاةٍ: Rule: The word emitted from the root. Superlative noun Meaning: Heavy, cumbersome.

عَلَى المُنَافِقِينَ: Hiding the basic meaning of nifaq in the dictionary, Dhaka. The reason for naming this name is that even though publicity is publicly proclaimed, there is a hidden disbelief and disbelief hidden in the heart. Here the motive is by the hypocrites – those who publicly preach Islam as their religion and conceal disbelief and disbelief.

وَلَوْ يَعْلَمُوْنَ مَا فِيْهِمَا: That is, if they were aware of the grace and abundance of these two Salat….

لَأتَوْهُمَا: That is, two would attend the Salat. They came to the mosque and participated in prayer with the church.

وَلَوْ حَبْوًا: That is, if there was a hindrance to the walk, they would appear on the chest. Allama is the new prophet. He said that if they were aware of the virtues and virtuous rewards of both of these prayers, and were unable to attend it without any reason, they would certainly attend to it and would not tolerate leaving the church.

وَلَقَدْ هَمَمْتُ: الهم means affirmation, strong will. Some say, it means expressing some lower level of will than strong will.

Rulings and benefits 

The hadith is the basic proof that the obligatory prayer is required in the mosque. Because the Prophet. In this hadith, the Shari’ah mentions the punishment of fire for the one who renounces prayer in the church without the agreed ojar. The other instructions and documents of the Qur’anic Hadith which make the subject more compelling and convincing are mentioned below. Abu Huraira said. Narrated from Allah , he said, ” Once upon a time a blind disciple, Abdullah bin Maktoum, came to the Prophet. Said, O Messenger of Allah! There is no one to present me in the mosque – he asked the Prophet for permission to pray in his house. The Prophet gave him permission. When he came out, he called him and said, “Do you hear Azan? He replied, “Yes.” He said, “But you respond to Azan’s call. ” [Muslim-1]

Narrated by Abdullah bin Mas’id, he said, ” No one except the hypocrites I saw in us prayed in Jamaat, to whom everyone was informed about Nefak or that anyone who was ill – even those with severe illness would attend the prayer on the shoulders of two persons.” ” [Muslim-1]

Prayer in Jamaat has great benefits and numerous rewards. In this regard, the Hadith says that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, ” Praying in a person’s congregation brings twenty-five times more reward than praying alone in his house or in the market. Because when he exits the mosque only for good reason, at every step his door (dignity) is raised, and one sin is erased. At the end of the prayer, as long as he is in the place of prayer, the angels pray for his mercy – Allah, have mercy on him; May Allah grant him mercy. It is better to be a part of prayer than to pray. ” [Sahih Muslim-1]

Esha and Fajr prayer in the mosque are blessed with reward and reward. Messenger of Allah. Regarding the importance of the matter and its description of the great reward in the Hereafter, it says that a person who becomes aware of its virtues will try to participate in it, even if it is like a baby. Asha and Fajr prayer prove the importance and importance of collecting Jamaat-e-Islami, which is a different hadith, which was used by Usman ibn A’fan. Described to be. He said, “I have heard the Messenger of Allah (ব্যক্তি) say,” The person who offered Asha prayer with the church should spend half the night worshiping. And the person who performed Fajr prayer with the church should spend the whole night in Salat. ” [Sahih Muslim: 4]

In reference to the award of the recipient of the prayer of Fajr, Jundub bin Abdullah. It is narrated that he said that the Prophet (peace be upon him ) said, ” The person who prays for Fajr is in Allah’s charge. May Allah not ask you for His duty. For, he seizes whom he calls in this matter, and then throws him down to the fire of hell. ” [Muslim-23, Tiramizhi-1]

Fajr prayer which is helpful to the person in connection with the church:

  • Strong conviction about waking up in the morning to pray.
  • Always pray to God for help in this regard.
  • In the first part of the night, go to sleep fast, so that the body is happy and refreshed.
  • Regularly praying for awakening from sleep and sleep.
  • Resort to other ways of being helpful. For example, receiving help from alarms, etc. so that sleep can be awakened at the right time.
  • Without any legitimate reason for the Shari’ah, the person who forsook the prayer of Esha and Fajr in Jamaat, he pushed himself in the face of dire danger and sin. The group is the hypocrites. The Prophet (peace be upon him) abandoned the two prayers He was very angry He wished to burn their houses with fire.
  • Nifak is a very evil nature and the cause of horrible characteristic danger. There is no such person or group, whom Allah did not destroy even after suffering this evil. In the Holy Qur’an, Allah says: ” Surely the hypocrites will be in the lowest level of hell. “[ Surah An-Nisa: Verse 4]

What are the fault of the hypocrites? The following will shed some light on: –

  • To publicly identify yourself as a Muslim, even though you have a place of disbelief in your heart.
  • Worshiping seems to be a heavy burden – especially in the case of Asha and Fajr Salat. Because, at this point, the devil continually gives counsel to exclude it. Besides, Esha is at rest and at rest, the taste of sleep is unparalleled at dawn.
  • The hypocrites perform any religious activity they want to garner praise and show publicity. They are lured into what they consider good to be better. They appeared at the gathering place, raising themselves in front of everyone. When no one sees, the Tiro is the only possibility of receiving praise – they disappear.
  • They are desperately craved for worldly gains – though it is through worship.

Prevention of evil rather than the pursuit of welfare is essential first – a basic principle of the Shariah. Messenger of Allah. They did not burn them in the fire just because it would cause helpless women and children who are not under the command. Islam is – undoubtedly, a completely fundamental method devised for Muslims, which Muslims will live by drawing and nurturing in every aspect of life. At the very beginning of this system, its position is worship – through which one becomes able to experience the absolute taste of proximity to Mawla. Another part of this approach is to perform daily and regular night prayers at the right time, regularly with the church. Shari’a does not dare to exclude it without any reason.


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