What Is Term Referring Mean;Where It Is Mostly Used

The term referring has different meanings. One of them is to refer to something, , when an object or individual is a reference to something or is related to something.In general, the term referring is used to indicate something or someone that is the exponent of an event or activity , and serves as a model, symbol,or so prominent member.

It can also be applied to those who  report on a situation , having knowledge of it: ”

He spoke as a reference of the dramatic events that occurred after the earthquake ”

You have explained the situation of the patient, but not You are a valid reference because you are not even a doctor.

In the process of communication , a reference is the real object  which is expressed through a channel,if the message expresses: “This book is old”.In the field of semiotics, for its part, the referent is defined as one of the elements that integrates the sign , based on the specific and real object, to which reference is made. For example, the referent of the symbol “tree” is a physical element composed of branches , leaves, trunk, etc.

In Saussurian linguistics, the linguistic sign unites a thing and a name.It is necessary to distinguish between the referential function, or denotation and the meaning or relation between signifier and signified within the sign itself. The meaning links a sound or graphic sequence “tree” to a meaning: tree; the reference links the sign “tree” in its entirety to existing trees.

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