What is the meaning of the term ‘in stock’ on Amazon?

Online shopping is becoming more popular every day and receives millions of customers every day. To keep up to date with this type of purchase, familiarize yourself with the terms used on the main platform, Amazon. Within their website, you may come across terms that you don’t recognize, for example, what is the meaning of the term ‘in stock’ on Amazon?

Basically, it means that the product is immediately available , which speeds up the shipping process. This term is also present on platforms such as MercadoLibre . Knowing the implications of the stock is useful to determine the delivery time that a product will have after completing its purchase. Take full advantage of this Amazon feature and make your purchases online.

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  1. How do you know the approximate time it will take Amazon to deliver a product to you?
    1. Product description [3-4 days]
    2. Stock availability
  2. How long does Amazon take to deliver a product that is in Stock?
  3. How do you know if the product you want to purchase is available for immediate delivery?
    1. If it is ‘in stock’ it is available

How do you know the approximate time it will take Amazon to deliver a product to you?

After making a purchase, there is a process that sets the speed of delivery of the product. To begin with, the seller receives a notification through the Amazon platform. Then two things can happen: You contact your supplier to fulfill the customer’s order, or you serve it directly using their product warehouse .

The first process is common when sellers do not store their own inventory of products, but instead sell them on demand. However, the second option allows them to immediately send any product requested by customers. Depending on the availability of the product, indicated on the platform, the delivery can have two types of term.

When entering the publication of a product, you will be able to find details about its specifications, among which are the price offered by each seller and the availability they enjoy. Along with this, an estimated delivery time is usually set from the moment the purchase is made, whether the product is in stock or not. You can also check the delivery estimate that Amazon indicates to buyers by logging into your account .

Product description [3-4 days]

If the product does not appear in stock, that is, it is not available in the seller’s warehouse, the delivery may take an indefinite period that is usually between a few days, weeks or months . In the product description you can find an estimate made by the platform about the time it will take for the seller to be able to send you the product.

Stock availability

If the product appears in stock and there are enough units, that is, it is within the inventory of a company’s logistics storage center, delivery could be made within an estimated period of 24 hours . However, it is only an approximate period, as the exact delivery time will be determined by the shipping option selected by the customer, whether it is managed by Amazon or another shipping company.

How long does Amazon take to deliver a product that is in Stock?

Officially, the delivery time is 24 hours , at least for products sold and shipped by the same platform, that is, Amazon. If the product belongs to another seller or is managed through another shipping option, the term can be extended up to 48 hours under normal conditions. In any case, you can change the scheduled shipping date at your convenience in order to receive your package.

However, Amazon only offers rough estimates, so delivery times may vary slightly . However, since the product is in stock, the usual thing is that the delivery is made in a fairly short period of time, since only a direct shipping process is managed from the warehouse to the buyer’s address.

How do you know if the product you want to purchase is available for immediate delivery?

The product description always includes all the data regarding the delivery time. There you can find out if the product is in stock and if it is available for same-day delivery, which will allow you to receive your product in a few hours. This type of delivery carries a fee for those who are not Amazon Prime members, which you should consider when requesting this type of shipment.

In any case, you can confirm their availability for immediate delivery by selecting the shipping options during the purchase process. In the event that you have a problem with your account and cannot choose same-day delivery, you can contact Amazon customer service to resolve the issues.

If it is ‘in stock’ it is available

Only those products that are in stock can be selected for immediate delivery , as the shipping management can be handled by Amazon in its entirety, speeding up the delivery process. Although not all products in stock have this shipping option, it is a good indicator to find those that are available.

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