What Is The Meaning Of Verb Return;Where It Is Used?

The word return, comes from the Latin “retornare” which means rotate.It means: return to the place or event where you were once. The return can be real,

For example:

“I returned to the house where I was born and I was recollected my memories.

“After many years of dictatorial oppression there was the return of democracy.

I have returned to the place of the accident and I felt very distressed.

The puppy returned to his home after being three days lost.

My mind made me return to the beautiful days of my youth.

I returned in my dreams to travel what I did for the world.

The return can be referred to the profit obtained by an investment, which is returned from what was paid, and returns to the person who disbursed the money.

In finance there are three possible formulations of rate of return, through effective return, required return, and expected return. The effective return serves as a measure of the performance of an investment, the expected return serves as a measure against the performance of an investment.

When a situation gets out of control and it is impossible to find remedy the problem, it is said that there is no return.for example: “You have killed a person for no reason, this is something so serious that there is no return.

The acronym ROI (Return on Investment) refers to the metric that expresses the relationship between the investment in a business and the profit obtained from said investment.ROI is just one of the metrics that can be used to understand the health status of your brand.Through careful analysis of this data you can identify the main sources of income for your business, the most effective communication channels to disseminate your product and if the performance of your marketing campaigns are in accordance with what was planned.

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