The reasons for making a mobile friendly website

What does mobile friendly website mean?

The meaning of Mobile Friendly refers to a website with a clear and light structure , which uses a web design capable of making navigation fluid and usable also via mobile devices. The pages of a site of this type load quickly and are legible in their entirety, without the need to zoom or scroll horizontally to continue reading.

The reasons for making the website mobile friendly

Below, here are the 5 specific reasons why optimizing the site for mobile , both from a technical and a content point of view, is a move now considered essential.

1. There are more users who access the web from mobile

The first reason why you need to make your website Mobile Friendly is, essentially, a numerical datum: users who access the Internet from mobile are now more than those who do it only from desktop. This overtaking was certified already in 2017.

2. Google penalizes non-mobile friendly sites

The second reason why it is essential to have a Mobile Friendly website is provided by Google: the number one search engine in the world, in fact, has already announced for some time that it has updated its search algorithms in order to favor Mobile Friendly websites , i.e. those sites with good usability from mobile devices.

3. Reach the target at the right time

Who is on the Internet to do business can not help creating a Mobile Friendly site because only a site of this type is able to reach the target at the right time, that is, when the actual or potential customer needs the product / service offered . This moment, not necessarily, coincides with the moment when the customer has the use of a PC in his availability.

4. Not having a Mobile Friendly site penalizes the brand image

A brand that does not have a Mobile Friendly website, in addition to being penalized by Google, gives itself a sloppy and uncared for image because it is not in line with the latest technological developments. The consequence of this is in the next point.

5. Not having a Mobile Friendly site promotes competition

A customer who needs a product or service offered by a brand at a specific time, if he cannot acquire information about it or buy it directly from mobile, will be prompted to turn to a competing brand that offers the same product / service and that has a Mobile Friendly website.

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