Google AdSense alternatives to make money with your website

Those who believe that the earnings with the “Big G” platform are too low or do not want to use it for other reasons, can diversify or increase their revenues by opting for one of the alternatives to Google AdSense that the web makes available. Now let’s see a selection together.

Alternatives to Google AdSense: Media.Net

Media.Net is the alternative to Google AdSense promoted by Yahoo and Bing and, as a direct consequence of this, it is a platform that allows you to monetize the advertisements placed on your website when someone accesses through the Bing search engine. .

This ad network is easy to use and allows you to use different ad formats . The algorithm contextualises the advertising in order to insert the relevant ads based on the content on the site. Payment is made by percentage of clicks.

Google AdSense alternatives: Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is a self-service platform that offers a payment formula based on the number of impressions of the advertising banner . The ads, available in various formats, are optimized automatically to ensure the most possible conversions. This platform also provides publishers with highly detailed statistics on the performance of advertisements.

Alternatives to Google AdSense: WordAds

WordAds is the alternative to Google AdSense designed and developed for those who have a website based on WordPress . This platform allows you to show contextualized advertising on the website and retargeting showing advertisements based on the user’s browsing history. The interface is simple, thanks to an intuitive control panel. The payment, again, is based on impressions.

Google AdSense Alternatives: Amazon Affiliate Program

Although not exactly a direct alternative to Google AdSense, the Amazon Affiliate Program gives the opportunity to those who manage a website to obtain revenues (a percentage) each time a product is sold on Amazon through the advertising link contained within it. Among the available formats, in addition to the text links, there are also images and banners. This type of activity is more generally defined as Marketing Affiliation .

Alternatives to Google AdSense for Youtube: AdRev, Patreon and Freedom

Finally, the Google AdSense alternatives regarding monetization on Youtube deserve a separate mention . Here are some examples of platforms that can be used for videos on Youtube by those who do not want to integrate their channel with Google AdSense.

  • AdRev is a platform that allows you to protect video content and promote the Youtube channel, monitoring your earnings (the minimum payment is 10 dollars);
  • Freedom is a service that can integrate the Youtube channel with multiple platforms and connect it with other creators to allow you to improve your business. There are no minimum payments;
  • Patreon is a particular platform used by Youtubers mainly to collect donations, in order to finance their projects in this way thanks to donors’ contributions. The latter, called patrons, receive a reward in exchange for the donation.
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