Difference between Programmatic Advertising and Google Ads

What is Programmatic Advertising and how it works

Programmatic Advertising, translated into Italian as ” programmatic advertising ” or ” computerized advertising “, is a method characterized by the automated and optimized purchase of advertising units with the aim of sending the right message, at the right time and to the right people, identified through a meticulous targeting activity .

At the basis of the functioning of Programmatic Advertising there are data and targets : sophisticated algorithms analyze the online behavior of consumers in a precise and continuous way , collecting a large amount of data which will then serve to define the target of the advertising campaign, which is optimized in real time .

On a more technical level, Programmatic Advertising provides for the continuous and real-time use of:

  • DSP (Demand-Side Platform, ie “demand-side platform”, used for the process of purchasing advertising spaces);
  • DMP (Data-Management Platform, capable of analyzing data relating to user behavior);
  • SSP (Sell-Side Platform or Supply-Side Platform, ie the “sales-side platform” used to place offers on the various sites).

What is and how Google Ads works

Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express , is Google’s online advertising solution used by businesses to promote their products and / or services on Google Search, YouTube and other sites.

This service allows advertisers to choose goals for their ads, customize their budget and targeting, and to start and stop ad serving at any time.

Google Ads shows advertiser ads when a user searches online for the products and / or services offered by the advertiser. The smart technologies used by Google allow you to show ads to potential customers just when they are ready to take action and finalize the purchase.

The differences between Programmatic Advertising and Google Ads

Both Google Ads and Programmatic Advertising allow contextual targeting,  which involves landing on a specific URL optimized for a keyword.

Compared to the first, programmed advertising has the possibility of reaching a large user base thanks to the use of multiple DSPs , compared to a single DSP as regards Google Ads. The latter, however, stands out for its focus on keywords and the use of SEM optimization .

A further distinction concerns the updating of data relating to the performance of the advertising campaign: while Google Ads provides updates, at best, every 2-3 hours approximately, with Programmatic Advertising, in most cases, there are real-time updates available.

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