How to make a mobile responsive website

Visits to a web page are what blood is for us: a vital component that keeps us alive, healthy and active. Here is the importance of knowing how to increase your visits . When visitors stop coming to a website, we can officially say that the website is basically ” dead “, and this can be a big problem for site administrators , especially if they make money from it .

Given this, many web designers and administrators are always looking for new ways to attract new visitors to the site in a creative way.

Also, as time goes by, the way in which new visitors are attracted to a website has changed a lot, since today we have the power of social networks, since they have become the most used  and many other advertising strategies to reach new visitors.

However, once you have visitors or at least people to enter the site, you have to make the website as accessible as possible to everyone, so that you do not have problems when it comes to sustaining a flow. stream of visitors, and this is often where the biggest challenge lies.

On the other hand, when we talk about accessibility, we talk about how easy it is for a user to enter a site and navigate through its content.

A website is different on a computer than it is on a mobile device , and you have to have all possible resolutions in mind when designing a site, so that in this way you can get new visitors, keep them and they come back due to who found the content on your site interesting.

It is for the latter, that today we will talk a little about how to create a page with responsive design, so that you do not have problems with your visitors again.

What is a responsive website?

When you have a website, you usually have many things in your head in terms of design, such as aesthetics and the programming that goes behind it. But every web designer or page manager always has in mind that their website must have a responsive design.

This type of design is the ability to successfully resize all the elements that may be within a website in such a way that they can accommodate a user’s experience, regardless of the device they are on.

This is why a website on computer is not the same on mobile, and many site administrators see this as a good opportunity to reach larger numbers of visitors.

How can you create a responsive website?

A website should have a responsive design from the beginning, in such a way that it can cover all types of visitors without problems. Whether it is on a mobile device, a tablet or a computer, you can see the website without problem if it is responsive.

Also, there are two great ways to make your website responsive, the first being the creation of a totally independent mobile site, which can help with loading times and optimizing content for navigation .

You can easily do this if you have a WordPress website and use a plugin that helps it adapt to any resolution, such as WPtouch Pro.

On the other hand, you also have the option of being a little more inventive when it comes to templates , since there are templates for WordPress or Joomla that are responsive by default.

With a quick internet search you can find lots of themes that meet this requirement, and in Themeforest or Studiopress you will find large amounts that can be useful and easy to use.


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