Best Email Marketing Platforms: Selection Guide

  • budget;
  • costs;
  • size of the database;
  • automation level;
  • integrations.

Let’s now see, also in light of these parameters, a selection of the best platforms for Email Marketing .


MailChimp is a very popular Email Marketing platform, particularly suitable for freelancers and for those who manage medium-small Email Marketing projects.

The interface is very simple, the service (at least in its basic version) is free and offers a wide variety of integrations with other platforms, starting with Facebook and WordPress.

To lower the percentage of rejected emails and thus prevent its email delivery servers from being blacklisted, MailChimp requires users to double-confirm their registration (on the website and via email) and this inevitably reduces the lists. This is the biggest disadvantage of MailChimp, to which we must add the need to pay for each additional feature to the basic service .


GetResponse is an Email Marketing platform that can be used by small and medium-sized enterprises and, more generally, by those who have just started a new business.

It is a particularly inexpensive and simple to use service , which offers various functions and integrations, as well as detailed statistics. The weak point is related to automation processes, not particularly developed.


Small businesses and startups can opt for ActiveCampaign , an inexpensive Email Marketing platform, simple to use and with various specific functions for SMEs .

This platform has its own CRM system to manage leads and therefore automatically organize sales and marketing. The automation of processes is a point in favor of Active Campaign, which, on the contrary, presents reports that are not always easy to decipher.


SendInBlue is an Email Marketing platform that offers a good compromise between the expense it requires and the simple to use and complete service in the functions it offers (like the more well-known Active Campaign).

SendInBlue is also available in the Italian version, has a well-developed CRM section and offers good automation, integration and segmentation possibilities, which represent the real competitive advantage compared to other platforms. The interface, however, may be more complicated than other services (such as MailChimp).


Aweber is an Email Marketing platform suitable for those who work in the field of Web Marketing and are looking for a reliable tool despite having a limited budget. Those who are beginners can benefit from its detailed and intuitive reports , while the more experienced can take advantage of the possibility of performing split-tests. In terms of costs, the expense required is slightly higher than in GetResponse.

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