Guide to the use of Linkedin Ads for business

Linkedin Ads guide: what it is and how it works

LinkedIn Ads is a Web Marketing tool offered by Linkedin , which allows companies and organizations to connect with its global community of professionals by publishing advertising content targeted to its members.

Advertisers can choose from a wide range of advertisements , which includes:

  • sponsored content , i.e. posts composed of text, image or video and links, displayed in the LinkedIn feed;
  • text ads , ie advertisements displayed on the right or at the top of many Linkedin pages;
  • sponsored InMail messages , i.e. messages sent by advertisers in the Inbox of Linkedin messaging;
  • dynamic advertisements , i.e. advertisements that change for each member;
  • advertisements , i.e. image-based advertisements displayed on the right of the pages in the desktop version;
  • advertisements outside of Linkedin , i.e. also displayed on third-party editor websites.

When an advertiser decides to create an advertising campaign through Linkedin Ads, he must select the type of advertisement, define his business objectives and the target audience of the ad and set the campaign budget limits .

The advertising goals of Linkedin Ads are:

  • brand awareness;
  • visits to the website;
  • interest;
  • video views;
  • lead generation;
  • conversions on the website;
  • job applicants;
  • lead talent.

The two payment methods provided on Linkedin Ads are:

  • CPC (Cost per Click);
  • CPM (Cost per Thousand of Impressions).

Tips for making the most of Linkedin Ads

  • As for Facebook Ads and any other Social Media Marketing tool, also with regards to Linkedin Ads the main advice is to experiment and measure as much as possible , albeit in relation to the costs of Linkedin Ads that are on average higher than other platforms. It is important to vary the type of advertisements , but also the content proposed and the products and / or services promoted;
  • There is no minimum investment budget that can be suitable and a guarantee of success regardless. You should keep in mind, though, that the cost per lead is on average higher on Linkedin Ads compared to other tools of Social Media Marketing, the targets are , or more precise (and therefore more restricted) and advertising campaigns generally last less;
  • One of the peculiar characteristics of Linkedin Ads, which allows this Social Media Marketing tool to be preferred over others, is the possibility of doing Retargeting activities in a precise and segmentable way, intercepting specific job categories and professional roles in possession of accounts on Linkedin that have visited certain pages of the site;
  • An age-old dilemma regarding Linkedin Ads is that of the choice between automatic and manual bidding : while on other platforms, such as Facebook Ads, automatic bidding is generally able to optimize the budget with respect to the advertiser’s goal, on the Linkedin marketing tool it may be preferable to opt, at least at the beginning of the campaign, for a manual type offer..

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