How to Search and Find Work on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the platform that helps users find a job, this wonderful website emerged in 2002, it is full of professionals from many areas, here you can find many ideas for your life projects and also work and interact with prominent people .

In this platform you can add courses, certificates and diplomas to the LinkedIn profile so you will make your studies and skills known, which will be of great help when looking for work as well as publish job offers , all in the same place.

How to Find and Find Jobs on LinkedIn – Guide to Using LinkedIn Effectively

To achieve these objectives, it is important that you have a good profile , adding in an organized way your data as a professional, what you do, what knowledge you have, what job you want or what you have had, and the experience you have.

On this platform you can make publications with only text, or combined with photos, videos, links or surveys, which is important in the quantity and quality of content so that people interact with them .

Although there are other types of jobs such as working at Amazon Flex, sometimes we do not have the freedom to leave home for this reason, this leads many people to work online, if this is your case we will show you how to effectively find a job in LinkedIn.


  • Getting to know LinkedIn thoroughly to find a job the right way
  • Step by step to effectively search and find work on LinkedIn

Getting to know LinkedIn thoroughly to find a job the right way

Taking into account the most important thing that this is a platform for professionals you must make sure to create your professional profile, to do this we recommend that you create a personal brand, this is very important in the work area, if you do this it will increase your visual appeal and reputation .

If you already have previous work done or have your own online page, you can publish it continuously in each post in order to increase your traffic and popularity, you will show what you are done and what you can do by showing your results online.

Something very normal is this page is to share results and real experiences , cases, stories and facts with their tests and details in this sense it is very similar to the Prezi platform, everything in order to achieve the empathy of all users, so they can interact with you.

Likewise, something basic when getting a job anywhere is to show your resume , on this platform it is no different, although it is all online, many recruiting companies have a human resources area.

Once you have added your resume to the profile, you can find work in two different ways , just look for job offers on the walls and the other thing is to wait for the contractors to enter your profile, see your resume and contact you.

Step by step to effectively search and find work on LinkedIn

Knowing all these basic aspects, it is time for the tricks that make a difference, first you must know the LinkedIn groups that are a very useful tool, since it serves to consult with other professionals, boost your personal brand, and stay up to date With the topics of interest this is very important to keep in mind.

The second thing will be to perform an aptitude test, this will demonstrate on this platform what you are worth and how much you are mastering your area, this knowledge will be added to your profile, recruiters use this type of thing a lot in order to select the most suitable candidates that you meet job requirements.

So far we can only find aptitude tests on programming, design and business skills, after passing these tests a badge will appear , which will stand out in your profile.

All this is in order to create a more attractive profile that is the trick to get a job effectively and quickly, for this you follow the steps we already mentioned, that is, add everything to your profile and make it stand out.

Another important trick is the recommendations, but for them other users must give it to you, you can do it from their profile or also through a private chat, to meet other professionals in your area you must do what is mentioned in the first step, which is to participate in groups.

Already with a great profile, just enter the jobs section and fearlessly search those similar to your profile. Successes!


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