How to reach and earn a passenger on a motorcycle

The motorcycle passenger business is passing through the southern region of our country, especially in Barisal, Bhola, Khulna. Public traffic and the noise and the crowd trampled the destination of many people to the people rather than the simple , safe and less time traveling motor bike is becoming more popular. Especially in urban areas, motorists are particularly keen to see the passengers depart.

So for entrepreneurs interested in starting a motorcycle business, it may be a viable opportunity to build themselves financially . Honesty and twenty ^ statara the possibility of success is to be able to manage this business. Usually this business can be started in district and upazila city busstands.


Why start this business: It’s a profitable business idea. There is an opportunity to become financially independent through this business. This is an independent business field. There is no risk to investing in this business. Any entrepreneur can choose this business as a profession. There is a demand for this business in cities and villages as well as everywhere in the country. This is basically a service business sector. This business can be started without investing less capital. The business can be started from anywhere you want.


Potential Investment: To start this business you need to buy approximately 1 motorcycle to invest. If you do not have your own money, you can rent a motorcycle.

The way a passenger on a motorcycle will do no business

The business has to start from the district or police station bus station. A motorcycle is needed to start this business. According to Puzin, a band of any band has to buy a motorcycle and conduct this business.

Generally, all people are interested in reaching the destination faster and less often. Moreover, consumers are also keen on this business for boring jams and leisure travel. A motorcycle can usually carry two passengers. And the rent is determined based on the distance. This is the way to conduct this business.

People of all classes are the consumers of this business. Travelers of upazilas and districts are the consumers of this business, who are interested in traveling less frequently and at ease.

To start this business, you must have the skills and experience of riding a motorcycle. Starting this business, you can earn up to 3 rupees a day.

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