Last Day on Earth guide: how to create a motorcycle

Find out where to find all the motorcycle building parts in Last Day on Earth: Survival

Looking for the exact location of every motorcycle part in Last Day On Earth: Survival ? Your searches will end here and now, as we decided to prepare a separate material on motorcycle assembly. You will find out where you can find all the necessary parts for your chopper.

Motorcycle parts in Last Day On Earth Survival

First of all, let’s take a look at a list of all the parts you need to complete your motorcycle assembly. If you add up the amount of each part, then in total you will have to find 128 items.

Motorcycle drawing

Below we have presented you with a complete list:

  • 10 bearings.
  • One fork (handlebar).
  • Gas tank for a motorcycle.
  • Four regular duffel bags (backpacks).
  • 30 scrap metal.
  • 20 rubber parts.
  • Two wheels.
  • 10 wires.
  • 20 engine parts.
  • 30 bolts.

Thus, as you can see, there are quite a few objects (you have not seen the all-terrain vehicle yet …), but you should not worry too much about this. With the right approach, you can assemble a motorcycle in just a few days. Below we will tell you where to look for each part separately.

Bearings are mechanical parts used as critical parts in the assembly of vehicles, including motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle, helicopter, and turret. This item is not very rare, you can find it inside crates and containers at random locations. More dangerous regions, such as yellow zones on the map or accidentally falling humanitarian cargo (aircraft), are preferable, since the chance of finding bearings is significantly increased.

Scrap metal . This is a rusty metal shavings that can be smelted into an iron ingot if used in a smelter. For our motorcycle you will need to collect 30 pieces of scrap metal. They are also fairly easy to find as resources. Scrap metal is located inside chests and containers in light (green) locations. In addition, it is not uncommon for scrap metal to be found inside the chests of other survivors, whom you periodically kill in groves and other locations.

Rubber parts are another important element used in various vehicles and devices, including sewing and repair tables. These are rarer items and, therefore, can take some time to find, since you will have to collect a total of 20 pieces. They are mainly found in the yellow zones on the global map, including rock cliffs and pine groves. They can also be found in the “Bravo” bunker, but it opens only once. There is a high probability of their falling out while attending an event with a crashed plane. We wrote about how to accelerate the fall of the plane in our separate guide.

Wires are readily available material in the game. Look for wires inside boxes in green locations.

Bolts – These can be found inside loot boxes in green locations on the map. But since you need a total of 30 parts to build a motorcycle, it is advisable to visit the yellow or even red zones to speed up their finding, although a brute can get caught in the latter (we wrote about how to kill him in a separate guide).

Regular backpacks are the easiest of all the items needed to assemble. You can create them using a drawing from ropes (dropped from zombies) and plant fibers (available in all locations – ordinary bushes).

Chopper Wheels – These wheels can mostly be found on the first floor of the Alpha Bunker, in the very last room. But sometimes they drop out of chests in yellow locations. They can also be obtained by purchasing boxes with spare parts for gold coins.

Motorcycle wheel

Fork of a motorcycle (handlebar) – it is extremely difficult to find it. This is a rare item that used to be almost impossible to obtain, but can now be found on the first floor of the Alpha bunker. Alternatively, it can be purchased through the in-game store. Visit the Transport tab and buy a box of parts. A random part drops out of the box, with a certain probability.

Engine parts are important and rather rare items that are used not only in a motorcycle, but also in the assembly of an ATV. They are very rarely found in green areas, so it is advisable to explore the Alpha and Bravo bunkers, and sometimes they can be found in a huge container dropped as humanitarian aid. In addition, the item can also be found inside a box with spare parts purchased from the in-game store for gold coins.

A motorcycle gas tank is the rarest and most difficult to access part. Very few players have been able to get a gas tank at the time of writing. Those who found it say that it is located on the first floor of the Alpha bunker. However, do not even hope to be able to get a gas tank right away the first time you go through the bunker. You may have to go through the bunker 10 times to finally get hold of the motorcycle’s gas tank.

Gas tank

Thus, we told you exactly where to find all the parts for assembling a motorcycle in Last Day On Earth Survival .

A motorcycle is an extremely important vehicle, although its role is incomparable with an all-terrain vehicle, which allows you to move far across the map to points inaccessible to walking. Unfortunately, you can’t get there on a motorcycle either, but it has other benefits. You will be able to navigate the currently available locations in the “run” mode, without spending precious energy. On the other hand, for this you need to refuel the vehicle with gasoline.

What happens after you build a motorcycle

Whether you have assembled a motorcycle or not, you should already know that this process takes a lot of time and effort. To start a motorcycle, you have to find a huge amount of parts. Previously, these parts were not available in the game (some of them), but after recent updates, more and more players were able to acquire this vehicle. However, finding a plug and a gas tank is difficult enough even now.

A fully built motorcycle can be customized by you with 10 skins and five colors.

To ride a motorcycle, you need gasoline, which is used as fuel both in real life and in the game. For all transport. To completely fill the gas tank, you need to use five cans of gasoline. Since this requires a lot of fuel, it is recommended that you only use your motorcycle in an emergency.

Also, the motorcycle is used not only for movement, but also for transportation. You may notice that the motorcycle has three luggage compartments (cells) that allow you to deliver up to 60 basic resources to the base (20 fit in one slot).

How to use a motorcycle

Now let’s take a look at how a motorcycle works. To navigate it around the locations, just stand next to the vehicle and click on the interaction button (a “hand” will appear) to open the screen with the motorcycle. Click on the Drive button to open the global map. Click on any area on the map and next to the Run and Go buttons you will notice a new Drive function.

Click on “Drive” and you will see a picture of a motorcycle above the arrows, which means that you are using it to get to the specified location.

You will find yourself at the location with your motorcycle.

Explore the region in the same way as you did before, collect resources, and when you complete the study, just return home on a motorcycle.

Note . You cannot ride your motorcycle across the river. To do this, you need to assemble an all-terrain vehicle, some parts of which are not yet available.

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