How to Start a Bleaching Powder Business

Bleaching powder is a chemical ingredient that has great importance in our public life. Bleaching powder is an essential ingredient in the removal of odor, cleaning clothes and disinfecting water. Bleaching powder is also an important ingredient in the paper industry and textile industry. The decision to start a business by making bleaching powder is considered a far-sighted and bold step.

Investing in small capital , hard work and expertise can lead entrepreneurs to success in this business. Educated and unemployed young people can easily benefit from starting this business.

An entrepreneur can start this business by setting up a good location or a specific place in his home.

This is a popular business idea. Any entrepreneur with the training of making bleaching powder very easily can start this business. Only a small amount of capital is enough to start this business. The profits of this business are huge. There is a demand for this business everywhere in the world. Since this business can be started at home, there is no need for additional investment in renting shops or houses. Currently many entrepreneurs are eager to start this business.

Potential capital: To start this business, you may need to invest up to Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1 lakh.

How to make bleaching powder?

Bleaching powders are made with lime, water and chlorine gas. To start this business you will need an iron box, 3 or 4 tablespoons made of wood and 3 or 4 trays. Then the trays should be placed in an iron box so that they do not stick to one another. Then put the lime in the trays and wet them with water. Then the lime should be diluted with chlorine gas at a temperature of 5 degrees after being soaked. Then, a mixture of chlorine gas and lime will produce bleaching powder. Then the bleaching powder is prepared for marketing. This is how this business can be managed.

To whom to sell

Generally hospitals and clinics are the main consumers of this business. Besides, bleaching powder is also used in dhoja. Bleaching powder can also be sold at various grocery stores and drug stores. To start the business of bleaching powder, you need to be trained in making bleaching powder.

How much money is there

Typically, the cost of making 5 kg bleaching powder is between Rs 5 and Rs 5. At the time of sale in the market, the price of 5 kg bleaching powder falls from 5 to 5 taka. In this way a lot of money can be earned through this business.

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