How To Start A Driving School Business

Driving is currently considered a very popular and urgent training. Learning to drive is crucial for unemployed young people and those who have their own cars to achieve that dependency. That is why a quality and modern driving school can play a good role.

Businesses can be started by establishing a suitable driving school by properly training those aspiring training candidates who are interested in learning driving. To get started in this business when you invest in fairly high pujim sure it is a profitable business in the second can be. By training patiently and honestly, any entrepreneur can easily succeed.

Starting a driving school business requires a large open field. A large garage is needed to hold the car. Read more – Start a business in the transportation sector

Why start a driving school business?

This is a guaranteed profitable business location. The scope of this business is increasing day by day due to industrialization. Although it may take a little more to start this business, it can easily be financially viable. Being a risk-free business, many entrepreneurs are eager to start this business.

This business can create employment opportunities for others besides their own employment. It is very easy to start this business with a suitable place and light vehicles. As this business is now considered as an industry in all the majors, the interest of entrepreneurs to start this business is increasing day by day.

It takes a little extra to start this business. The business has to invest in capital from Tk 2 lakh to Tk 1 lakh. You can also run a business with a monthly car rental. To start this business you must first select a suitable place. In this case a large field or a narrow road can be chosen. Then you have to buy or rent a light and heavy car. The business is run by hiring experienced trainers. This way this business can be started.

Customers: Those who want to learn how to drive are the main customers of this business.

Potential Income: Generally, a fee of Rs 5 is imposed for heavy vehicle training and Rs 5 for light vehicle training. Thus, the business can earn from Tk 25,000 to Tk 5,000.

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