That’s how to start a salon business

Want to start a salon business as a part-time or side business ?  Fashion-conscious and ordinary people are now quite cautious about skin care and making themselves beautiful and attractive. And the salon is an important place to grow yourself. The salon is no longer limited to just a haircut. Skin care  massages and even beauty parlor like beauty parlor can all be done in the salon now. May look like –   1 beauty and cosmetics business

For any young and creative entrepreneur wanting to integrate themselves into a confident and smart career, the salon business can be a viable venture. The business can be started easily with a furnished room , a few chairs and all the appliances and cosmetics used in the salon. You can also attract customers by arranging AC , TV, etc. in the salon .

In addition to cutting and shaving the beard and the bearded children of the adult boys , young men and mothers in the salon , haircuts should also be arranged. This is a popular business idea. Honesty and integrity can make any entrepreneur successful in this business.

Where to start a salon business

This business can be started in a local market or a small shop in the market. However, it is necessary to determine the places where many people attend. It is good if you can take the shop along the road

Potential investment

To start a salon business, an estimated investment of Tk 1 lakh to Tk 1 lakh + will be invested.

That’s how to start a salon business

To start this business, you need to rent a shop in the market or market and make a salon-friendly decoration. Then necessary equipment and cosmetics will have to be purchased. Then you have to hire skilled craftsmen to cut and save your hair.

In the salon, the elderly as well as the younger should have a haircut. The haircut , the cost of saving , etc. should be valued and kept in the salon. Moreover, it is always best to use the service customers. You have to operate a salon this way.

Necessary machinery and cosmetics

Salon equipment to start a business as a mirror , comb , kacim , towels , razor , blades, soap, shampoo, saving cream , lotion , phitakiri , hair dyes , tissue or other cosmetic needs.

Who will be the customers – all the boys and men of all classes are the main consumers of this business. The consumer will come to the service as per his need.

Qualifications: No special qualifications are required to start this business. However, it is necessary to hire skilled craftsmen. Every month or week should be taken into account.

Starting a salon business can earn from Tk 25,000 to Tk 5,000 per month.

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