6 Qualities of Teachers In Order To Become Successful

Qualities of Teachers are being discussed in this article.Teachers and professors have a key role in the lives of our children, but what are the really important features.

The chief qualities which every teacher who desires to be successful should do his utmost to cultivate, are the following :—

  •  Earnestness and uprightness of personal character. “ No bad man can be a good teacher
  •  A real and living interest in teaching.
  •  A liking for little children, and ready sympathy with them.
  •  Cheerfulness, brightness, and ease of manner.
  •  Keen observation and an ever vigilant watchfulness.
  • The power to govern without being demonstrative, stiff, or magisterial.
  • Ready-wittiness, tact, and decision in cases of difficulty.

How To Be A Good Teacher;What are the essential qualities of a good teacher?

The teacher’s work is of a threefold character.

He has in the first place to organised his school, including the consideration and settlement of such matters as the arrangement of the furniture and fittings so as to serve their purpose in the most efficient way, the classification of the children, the best provision and distribution of the teaching staff, the order and duration of the lessons, etc., as shown in a well constructed time-table, the most useful apparatus and books, and lastly the registration.

He has secondly to govern his children in such a way as not only to keep order and administer punishments judiciously, but also to train them to right action—to put them in the best possible state for receiving instruction, and cultivate in them habits of prompt and ready obedience, love of right, and the faithful performance of duties. In a word, the teacher must be a good disciplinarian.

He has thirdly to teach in a manner which, while it secures examination results, also cultivates and develops the faculties of the children ; trains them in the intelligent use of the rudimentary arts of reading, writing, and arithmetic, and furnishes them with that elementary knowledge which is to serve as food for mental and moral growth in the present, and as a foundation and starting-point for further acquisitions.

In brief, the teacher has to provide the means, arouse the interest, and point out the way whereby the child may continue his education for himself in the future.For the teacher to do these things successfully needs all the resources of which he is master, and an intimate knowledge of the most rational and trustworthy methods by which they can be accomplished.The professional attitude is often what makes the difference, because they are rarely the ones who just want to make “nice” without substance can earn the respect required by their role.

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