PVE server Rust: with wipes, raids, list of the best

Sooner or later, Rust players get bored of doing the same things. Someone is already tired of constantly farming to restore a base after a raid, and someone completely loses their bases after attacks. And you have to start all over again. And if at the very beginning of the wipe it is still quite simple to develop, then when everyone in the district is running around with Kalash , it is far from easy to get something. And if everything is bad with shooting, then there is nothing special to do on PvP servers. So what should players do if they want to play Rust but can’t fight live players? In this case, they have to look for a pve server rast.

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  • 1PVE Rust Server: Server Overview
  • 2Best PVE Servers in Rust
    • 1RustEZ Pure PVE
    • 2Foxi PVE
    • 3Ideal Rust PVE
    • 4Trinum PVE RPG
    • 5Rest-Z
    • 6TruePVE
    • 7Sunset Valley PVE
    • 8Skyline PVE
  • 3Where is it better to play: on a PvP or PvE server in Rust?
  • 4Conclusion

PVE Rust Server: Server Overview

The key feature of PvE (Player versus Environment) is that only the environment has to be confronted. Agree, it is much easier to fight with bots than with a person. Primitive artificial intelligence is not capable of fighting like a living person.

Of course, the gameplay here will be somewhat different from the usual. You can practically not worry about your life, because most often in the battle with bots in Rust, the winner is a person. And even if there is a server with zombies, this does not mean that a horde worse than in World War Z or Left 4 dead will rush at you. Zombies were in Rust for a long time, but later they were removed from the game.

So what’s another advantage of PvE servers? It is quite easy to study the whole game on them. There is no danger for you on PvE servers, you can run around the map with peace of mind , study various RT, test new updates. Yes, you can do this on PvP (Player versus Player, player versus player) servers, but players will constantly interfere with you.

Below is a list of the best pve servers.

The best PVE servers in Rust

RustEZ Pure PVE

European well balanced PvE server. Players can play here without fear of other players. Rotting of buildings is disabled on the server, so you can not monitor the resources of the cabinet . Damage to players and buildings is disabled. Active administration helps players if they have any questions. Inactive players will be removed 10 days after the last asset.

The server rules are as follows: do not raid, grief or loot other people’s things; do not spam in voice or text chat , you can not insult other players; you can build in caves , but you must provide a safe passage for other players; do not build around RadTowns or other large areas.

To connect, use the connect console command

RustEZ Pure PvE

Foxi PVE

Modified Foxi PVE server with rates from 2 to 4. There are no raids or kills on the server. Also provided are teleports to a peaceful city and a bandit camp , as well as a teleport without restrictions, and a teleport to your corpse. No cooldowns (rollbacks) for teleport to the house. There is a backpack with 42 slots, which does not drop loot. If you wish, you can call a helicopter of any complexity to your location . In tanks and helicopters, loot is much better than on standard servers. Low-flying aircraft allow you to get airdrops as quickly as possible. The server provides such events as a closed box and a radiation house. If there is such a desire, you can upgrade to special databases. And these are not all the features of the server.

To connect, use the connect console command

Foxi PVE

Ideal Rust PVE

On a server with zombies Ideal Rust PVE, you can find zombies all over the map with unique loot. There are also improved loot in airdrops and chinooks . Various types of teleportation are provided. Since the server is modified, increased rates were set for it, namely x3. Although the PVE game mode prevails on Ideal Rust, you can also find specialized PVP and raid zones on the map, in which you can compete with other players. The wipe on the server is done every two weeks. For every hour of playing on the server, you will receive 1 ruble to the server donate store. Also note that on Ideal Rust PVE, rotting of houses is completely absent.

To connect, use the connect console command

Ideal Rust PVE

Trinum PVE RPG

On the Trinum PVE server, you will find a unique hand-crafted map. Radtowns on the map are non-standard, and the loot in them is custom. You can find a bunch of caves and buildings in which everyone is allowed to build their own home. All base raids are carried out in PVE mode, that is, you will have to fight only with bots. Here you will not be robbed, not zared, and even more so, other players will not kill you. If you caused the most damage to a tank or a helicopter, or caused an airdrop, you get the right to the first loot. The stacks on the server are increased, and the teleports are without timeouts. At night, the rates increase when extracting resources.

To connect, use the console command connect

Trine PVE


Server Rust-Z is made in the setting of the walking dead (The Walking Dead). Newcomers are extremely loyal here. There are no restrictions on the number of players in the team. No raids, robberies, or murders. Sometimes raid houses appear on the map, which can be loaded; bots live in these houses. On RadTowns you have to fight zombies of varying difficulty, and on some RT you can even stumble upon Raid Bosses. In the event of death, things do not fall out of the body. You won’t be able to steal someone else’s things in the area of ​​someone else’s closet. You can call a personal airdrop that no one can fake. The tank, helicopter and boss raid can only be looted by the one who caused the most damage, and the locked boxes will be received by the one who started the hack.

To connect, use the connect console command

PVE Rust-Z


As with all PVE servers, TruePVE has no robberies or killing of players – just a quiet and measured game. Your things belong only to you, no one can take them. For convenience, increased stacks are provided. You can set up to 10 teleportation points on which there are no timeouts. The more valuable loot drops out of the tank and the helicopter, and the one who caused the most damage gets the right to loot first. At night, on the server, increased rates are turned on when extracting resources.

To connect, use the console command connect play.truepve.ru:28015


Sunset Valley PVE

On this European server, you will find raid bases that are created by the administration. Drawings are never reset here, everything that you learn is studied forever. The server is wiped once a month, after the monthly dev-blog is released . There are no modifications on the server – an absolute classic.

To connect, use the connect console command

Sunset Valley

Skyline PVE

The English-speaking Skyline PVE server is beginner-friendly. As in all PVE servers, you cannot kill other players here, even sleeping ones. You won’t be able to rob or hack anyone. Toxic players are not tolerated here, so if you like to cover people with a three-story mat and cannot live without insults, you better go by this server. Wipe cards are produced once a month. The server has an active administration.

To connect, use the connect console command

Skyline PVE

Is it better to play on a PvP or PvE server in Rust?

We have already managed to get acquainted with the top pve servers of Rast, now let’s think about where is the best place to play? PvE servers are actually not as popular as PvP servers. Online on such servers hardly reaches 50 players. Still, who can I recommend such servers? They are definitely worth visiting for novice players who are just starting their acquaintance with the game. Such servers will tell them what to do in this game in order to survive, take them by the hand through various RadTowns and allow them to calmly explore all the locations in the game. But for experienced players on PvE servers, there is essentially nothing to do.


As mentioned above, PvE servers have not found popularity among players. But they have a place to be, because it is on them that beginners can get acquainted with the game, get used to the controls and study various RadTowns. Yes, and old-timers of the game can visit such servers, because even there you can fight with other players, albeit in zones specialized for such matters. In addition, if you just want to play rast without fighting people, then why not visit the PvE server, which is aimed at this?


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