Best PvE builds in Tower of Fantasy

We tell you how to make a team in ToF correctly and analyze the best PvE builds

Not so long ago, the global version of Tower of Fantasy came out, and many players decided to try it. Let’s take a closer look at what types of weapons are in this article, how they differ and make the best builds for PvE.

Tower of Fantasy Characters

There are many weapons in the game and each of them has unique features. With some periodicity, the so-called “simulacra” are added to the game – these are characters with their own personal weapons. Therefore, there are more and more types of weapons in the game.

Weapons are divided into several types of elements: ice, fire, electric and physical. There are also several types of weapons, namely attacking, healing and defensive.

Enemies have various elemental resistances, that is, the ability to increase protection against damage from a certain type of elements, and there may also be monsters that have reduced elemental resistance to certain elements. Therefore, when preparing for a battle, it is important to choose the right team based on the weaknesses of the opponents, this will greatly facilitate the battle.

Elements of weapons

In their set, the player can equip three weapons at the same time, and then switch between them in combat. Since you can have up to three weapons in a set, they can be of the same type or different. The game provides a system of additional effects depending on what types of weapons you equip at the same time, this is called weapon resonance.

Now we will analyze what are the resonances of weapons. If you equip two offensive weapons, you will get a bonus to increased damage, if you equip defensive weapons, you will receive a bonus to damage reduction, destruction of monsters’ armor and an increase in the ability to attract monsters. The game also introduces the resonance of two healing weapons, which increases the ability to restore health for yourself and your team. And the last Resonance, made up of all three weapon types, is a Balance that increases damage, defense, healing, and armor penetration, but not as much as highly specialized Resonances.

Weapon Resonance Effects

Further, when assembling builds, we will mainly consider the attacking resonance, but we will also touch on others a little.

Electric Team (Volt)

The best electric team is Samir, King and Nemesis.

Samir is a shooter who uses dual pistols and deals massive damage. She has tremendous strength and is considered one of the best attacking characters in the game for a reason. High attack speed and range of destruction – it’s all about her. Dual pistols provide incredible range and allow Sameer to make quick attacks from a safe distance, making her more deadly. Samir can create an electric field that can paralyze monsters.

Her weapon has a lightning element and an attack type. In addition, her weapons have a charge rate of 10.70, which allows her to charge her weapons quite quickly, but her shield destruction rate is only 6, so she needs someone in the team who will quickly destroy shields, for example, King.

Ideally, Samir needs her exclusive matrices, but if they are not available, then you can replace them with Crow or Sobek matrices.


King is a melee character who likes to cut everything in half with his deadly scythe. He is one of the strongest characters that can quickly break through the shields of both bosses and ordinary monsters, because his scythe has one of the highest destruction rate – 12.5, and he is also capable of dealing significant damage. Since King’s weapon is a scythe, he has a greater range than other melee characters, he can fight several monsters at the same time, keeping them at bay.

His scythe has a fire element and an attack type. Thus, already together with Samir, they form an attacking resonance and increase each other’s damage.

The best thing for a scythe that destroys shields is to use two sets of matrices, namely two pieces of King and two pieces of Shiro.


Nemesis is one of the best healers in the game. She supports the team by providing healing and dealing damage where needed. She is a powerful character and is a favorite among many players – this is not surprising, unlike other characters, she shows her power both in the PvE component and in PvP. Nemesis’ skills allow her to heal herself and her teammates when dodging attacks.

Nemesis uses a Venus weapon that can summon Electrodes and deal high damage at long range. Venus is currently the only weapon that can cause an electrical (volt) resonance if you have two or more weapons equipped with a lightning element. Since in the build we have Samir in the team, her weapon just fits this resonance. Thus, Nemesis increases the lightning damage of Samir’s weapon.

Nemesis’ own exclusive matrices suit her best, but the full set of Kocoritter matrices can also be used.


In this team, King’s scythe can be replaced with Shiro’s chakra, which also has an attack type, breaks through shields quite quickly and increases overall critical damage.

For the most damage of this team, you can use the relics of the Space-Time Rift or Magnetic Storm.

In this team we have the strongest electric attack character Samir at the moment, attack resonance with King and electric resonance from the exclusive character Nemesis.

Ice Team (Frost)

The best ice team includes Tsubasa, Meryl and Frigga.

If you are a fan of bow and arrow characters, then Tsubasa is the best character for you. She is another strong character in Tower of Fantasy, her bow allows her to strike quickly from a distance so she can stay safe during combat.

It destroys shields badly, but the charging speed is quite high, which makes it possible to use the ultimate skill more often. Tsubasa has fast cooldowns and her Awakening traits increase her damage quite a bit.

Her bow Frostwind Arrow is ice-elemented and attack-type, and increases critical damage.

Of the matrices, her exclusive kit suits her best.


Meryl has extremely good combat skills and defensive stats that help her survive even the toughest fights. Her huge two-handed sword Pink Blade has an insanely high destruction rate, so she can easily cut through her opponents’ defenses.

Meryl’s skills allow her to heal from broken shields, as well as freeze and close opponents in the “cage”. Meryl’s weapons are ice-elemented and defensive-type.

If you don’t have Meryl, then you can take another character with a high potential for breaking shields, for example, King.

Since Meryl is very good at destroying shields, two parts of the matrices from the King and Shiro kits will suit her.


The last character in the ice team is Frigga. She is a very charismatic character who demonstrates skillful swordsmanship with her powerful attacks. In combat, Frigg uses Balmung, two swords with which she easily cuts her opponents in half and deals serious damage. Balmung has an ice resonance that can be activated by equipping at least two ice weapons, thereby increasing the damage of ice weapons, in our team both Tsubasa and Meryl fit this.

Frigga is best suited for her exclusive matrices.


For the most damage of this team, you can use the relics of the Space-Time Rift or Alternate Fate.

Such a command is only effective against monsters that do not have increased resistance to frost damage.

Physical team (Grievous)

The best physical team is Claudia and Shiro.

Claudia uses a one-handed Guren Blade sword with a physical element and an attack type. It is a melee weapon with a high attack speed. It does not increase critical damage, has a low base attack, but has a high charge rate.

Claudia’s weapons have a physical resonance, so having two or more physical weapons in the team, he increases their damage. But her weapon is more suitable as an auxiliary than the main one, so it is recommended to bring another main physical weapon with you to the team.

Ideally, for Claudia’s weapons, it is better to have a set of her exclusive matrices, but you can also put two parts from Samir’s and Bai Ling’s sets.


Shiro can be taken as the main damage-dealing character. She uses chakra for ranged attacks. It has good base damage, a fairly high shield break rate, and increases the damage of critical attacks. And together with the physical resonance from Claudia’s weapons, she will be able to increase her combat potential.

For chakram, use Shiro’s exclusive matrices.


A large number of characters can approach the third place in the team, here it is better to choose according to the comfortable pace of the game, since the team already has both attacking and physical resonance, and Shiro has a fairly high shield destruction rate. We would suggest taking a character with healing skills, such as Nemesis, Kokoritter or Zero with one or more stars.


Right now, in most cases, the physical damage team will still be inferior to the electric and ice damage teams.

In this team, you can use a Space-Time Rift or Couant as relics.

Fire Team (Flame)

At the moment, King is the only attacking character with a fire element, but he does not have the strongest attack stat, although he is quite high. In addition, the game does not yet have a character that could create a fiery resonance. Due to these indicators, the fire team will be inferior to the electric and ice teams in damage. Nevertheless, let’s look at what kind of team you can assemble, which will be based on King and his scythe.

As we previously mentioned, King is a melee character, has a relatively high damage stat, and can destroy shields very quickly.


The second character in the team would be a good fit for Shiro with her increased critical damage that affects the entire team. She will also close the offensive resonance with King.


And as the last member of the team, you can take a support that will support the combat potential of the team, for example, Nemesis, Huma, Zero or Kokoritter.


Relics such as the Holographic Projector, Alternate Destiny or Magnetic Storm will work well in this team.

Healing team (Benediction)

It is based on two characters with healing weapons, namely Nemesis and Kokoritter – the best candidates for this role.

We already talked about Nemesis in detail in the Electro Teams section, so here let’s pay more attention to Kokoritter. She is mainly focused on healing not only herself, but also other players on the team with her. Her skill creates a large area, and allies in it receive a healing effect. Kokoritter can freeze enemies with his frost skills, giving allies a chance to heal and time to quickly move away from danger.

Kokoritter is best suited for her complete set of exclusive matrices.


To select the third character, start from what you miss the most in the team. If you’re slow to charge up your ultimate, pick up a character that will help you charge up faster, such as Samir’s Dual Pistols, which will additionally create an electrical resonance with Nemesis and increase your damage. If the shields of the opponents cause more problems, then in this case you can take King or Shiro.

Defense Team (Tank, Fortitude)

At the moment, there are not many characters in the game that have a defensive type of weapon, and in order to collect a defensive resonance, we need Huma and Meryl.

We previously talked about Meryl in the Ice Team, but Huma meets for the first time in our selection. Huma is a defensive character, most of her skills create shields that absorb damage. Her weapon is a hybrid of an ax and a shield, which easily destroys the shields of monsters and quickly restores the charge for the ultimate skill.


Since in this assembly we are considering a protective resonance, in addition to lowering the damage received, we will also distract the monsters, as a result of this we will receive more damage. Therefore, the third member of the team must be a healer, Nemesis, Kokoritter or Zero with one or more stars.

Summing up, the most powerful weapon sets for dealing damage will consist of electric and ice weapons, which we reviewed in the article. Fire and physical weapons also do good damage, but they are still inferior, at the moment, in damage. Perhaps in the future new exclusive simulacra will be added that will correct this situation.


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