New World: Best Weapons for PvE and PvP – Tier List

The MMO New World offers you a classless system. Instead, weapons determine your play style. But which weapons are the best and which ones are especially suitable for PvE and which ones are more suitable for PvP? We at DLPrivateServer reveal it.

This is how the Tier List is structured: In this article we would like to tell you which are the most powerful weapons in the New World at the moment. In addition, DLPrivateServer editor Alexander Leitsch spent over 100 hours in New World, tested all weapons, and also exchanged ideas with many players who are already at Max level and have gained a lot of experience.

The result was a tier list for PvE and another for PvP, as the two ways of playing are very different from each other. Weapons were assigned to different levels:

  • The most powerful weapons are at level S
  • There are still powerful weapons at Tier A, but they have a slight disadvantage compared to Tier S
  • There are weapons at tier B that are useful in at least certain situations.
  • There are weapons at level C that you should ignore.

Also, we will tell you in the article which weapons work well in combination with tier S weapons.

The Tier List is currently in the status of July 26, 2021 and is therefore the closed beta. We will keep the list updated for launch and beyond.

The best weapons in PvE

bull bow down
fire stick
war hammer
A level Life stick
sword and shield
Level b Ice
Warmers Battle Ax
Level C

What Makes Tier S Weapons So Strong? Weapons are basically strong in PvE, dealing a lot of damage and also killing enemies without taking much damage to yourself. Consequently, ranged weapons such as the bow or fire staff are very useful.

In the case of the fire stick, there is also the burning effect and AoE damage. This is particularly useful in the open world and with trash mobs in dungeons, where there are sometimes multiple enemies in a pile. However, the damage decreases a bit when it is only against a specific opponent.

You won’t go wrong with the ax either, because the weapon hits quickly and brings useful debuff to enemies, reducing armor. You benefit from this both alone and in a group.

Better to combine a melee weapon and a ranged weapon for the most powerful effect in the open world. In dungeons, a pure melee weapon build can also be offered.

For newcomers, in addition to the bow and ax combo, we also recommend these versions:

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Why does nothing end up in the C-Tier? In the open world, basically any weapon can work fine and since mobs are still a bit stupid sometimes, slow weapons like the tomahawk or musket can also come in handy.

By the way, the Life Stick only ends at level A because it is not of much use in the open world, except to make life a little easier for beginners. In dungeons, on the other hand, a healer is extremely useful and the weapon would even land at level S.

The best weapons in PvP

bull Stick of fire
stick of life
A level ax
Ice warmers
sword and shield
Level b Bend down
Level C Battle ax

What Makes Tier S Weapons So Strong?

  • Similar to PvE, the fire stick deals a lot of damage and can be used to knock enemies off the walls or to attack the wall with a lot of damage. The weapon is best paired with ice gauntlets as they both benefit from magic and the gloves also have a slow effect.
  • The Life Staff is the only weapon that heals the party much. Especially in fortress battles and outpost rush, players with a Life Staff are worth gold. Better to combine the weapon with the ice gauntlets to provide more party support and gain mana. The staff also harmonizes with the fire rod or the sword and shield.
  • The musket, on the other hand, causes a lot of damage at great distances. This makes them useful in all modes, especially when taking down your enemies from strongholds.
  • The spear contributes a lot of CC and is therefore well suited for PvP. A popular weapon combo is spear + musket, with which you should make a good figure in all areas of PvP.

By the way, if you are looking for solid PvP builds with explanations, you will find them here: New World: 3 Solid PvP Builds You Should Definitely Try.

Why is the rapier not at level S? The rapier is a powerful dueling weapon that you can use to make a good impression, especially in one-on-one situations. It is ideal for open world duels, especially when combined with a ranged weapon such as a bow or musket.

In instantiated PvP content, it’s a bit too weak because it doesn’t contribute any CC and little for the party.

The bow experiences a similar fate, although it can cause damage from a distance, it is not as effective as the musket. With the DoT build, the bow can be used well in duels, but the weapon is quite weak in the instantiated content.

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Why does the battle ax end at level C? The battle ax has an interesting set of abilities that can do a lot of damage. But the weapon is slow and very predictable. Despite the possibility of attracting an enemy, it is not really convincing in PvP.

What weapons do you find most powerful in New World right now? And which are the weakest? Feel free to write it in the comments.

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