How to Shoot Rust: Tips from the Pros

Rust is not a game that you can take on a swoop. If you go into the game, you will have to sit for almost 5-6 hours every day. And it’s good if you have your own team, which will be sympathetic to the fact that you will not be able to enter the game, for example, because of some personal matters. Well, for sure everyone who starts playing Rust has had a dramatic increase in the number of hours they play on Steam over the past 2 weeks.

What else is addictive about Rust? Why can’t you log into the game for half an hour, like, for example, some shooter like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege? Yes, because in half an hour you will not have time to do absolutely anything. Rust can rightfully be called a time burner.

It is logical to assume that the game, which stays consistently in the top online games on Steam, will find popularity on YouTube, Twitch. YouTubers for this game are of different stripes – someone is shooting staged raids, someone is just filming survival, and someone prefers to shoot the so-called “Admin weekdays”. However, each product will have consumers.

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  • 1How to properly shoot content in a Rust game
    • 1Survival in Rust
    • 2Raids
    • 3Construction Guides
  • 2How to properly remove bays in Rust
  • 3What can you do to make your videos attract viewers?
  • 4Programs for filming videos

How to properly shoot content in a Rust game

Survival in Rust

Survival is a core part of the Rust game. But this does not mean that you have to write down everything that you do directly. Such content will not be of interest to the public. It will be best to include a cut from shootouts with players under a vigorous editing, and you can dilute everything with a farm of resources. But there is a small nuance – in addition to playing, something else should sound in the background, for example, a discussion of a topic, jokes and something like that. For all situations, it would be good to look for the appropriate music, and in an amicable way that it was copyright-free, otherwise the YouTube service will deprive you of monetization. And it would be good to indicate the tracks used in the description, in case the viewers like the track, so that they do not have to ask the name of the track a hundred times in the description.

In skirmishes, it would be nice to show at least an average skill. Few people will be interested in watching you constantly smear and die.

Survival Roller


It is worth filming raids from time to time. It is much more interesting to watch online raids. No one will care about you raiding some tiny wagon offline. It’s not spectacular. Raiding huge bases online – this kind of content will go with a bang. And even if the raid will go on for several hours, only the most basic or funny moments should be left in the video. Don’t forget – you are not streaming, you can cut the entire video track and organize a good editing.

Raid video

Construction Guides

All guides should be detailed, because you can be watched by completely green players who have barely managed to buy the game. In the construction guide video, be sure to voice the advantages of this building, how many resources it will need. In an amicable way, the amount of resources can be displayed on the screen, for a couple of seconds, so that the players do not listen to you a hundred times, but simply take a screenshot or pause the video. Before starting the construction, familiarize the players with the building – it is better to immediately show them what you will be building. And if possible, add timecodes to the guide so that you can immediately determine what you will be doing at a particular moment in the video.

House building guide

How to properly remove bays in Rust

Most of the Rust videos usually begin with the bays. They play the role of a kind of intro, in which the author communicates with his audience, tells something related to the video. What is important to do when photographing such flights? They should look smooth and neat. The camera is usually always in motion.

So how do you record flights in a plant? To do this, you need a server on which you have administrator rights. As a rule, any Sandbox server is suitable. We share one of the popular servers with you: connect

We set the time at which you plan to record the flight. For example, you can record at noon or in the evening, at sunset.

To record the flight, you need the following console commands:

debugcamera – free camera

camspeed 0.01-2.0 – camera movement speed;

camlerp 0.01-2.0 – camera rotation speed;

timescale 0.01-5.0 – time dilation in the game.

These commands are enough for simple recording right away. If you want to record your character in motion, then you have to record a demo. To do this, write the command record demo name. We are performing some actions that will be captured in the future on the record. Stop recording with the stop command. Now in the main menu of the game, launch the newly recorded demo. Now all you need to do is play with the camera. Do not forget to enable recording with a special program.

Span in the roller

What can you do to make your videos attract viewers?

First of all, you should work on the quality of your sound on the video. No one will enjoy watching a video with a disgusting hissing sound. Therefore, you have to spend money on a more or less high-quality sound system. It will also be useful to work on your diction. Is it interesting to listen to a person who stumbles over every word? No.

They watch videos, so in some way, but you need to knock out a good picture. If you shoot everything on minimal graphics in square resolution, don’t expect a lot of views. It’s good if you can shoot videos in Full HD resolution and higher, but they will not swear much for HD resolution either.

A preview is the first thing a potential viewer sees. Try to make it as attractive as possible. If you can beautifully design a preview that reflects the essence of the video, it will be great.

The name, too, should not be written from the bulldozer. It should also be related to what people will see in the video.

Programs for filming videos

At the moment, there are 2 programs for recording videos. Although personally we prefer Open Broadcaster Software, or as everyone used to call it, OBS. With it, you can immediately start a live broadcast on YouTube or Twitch.

We can also recommend Nvidia’s built-in recording software. Both programs record the game well without affecting performance too much.


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