PS4 Errors: what each code means and how to fix them

PS4 Errors.Thank goodness, the days of Xbox 360’s red lights of death are over , but that doesn’t save us from running into the occasional bug from time to time that we might not know how to fix . But with this guide you will save any model of PlayStation that you have or buy , because let’s say that all the error codes that you will see below are common for the different versions of the Sony console.

With the help of this article you will be able to identify each error by means of a unique code and solve it by following the steps that we indicate. If the problem persists and the solution we offer you here does not work, go to the official PlayStation support page so they can give you personalized advice to help you with the difficulty you are experiencing. Fear not, the vast majority of errors that your PS4 can suffer are not fatal, so it will be enough to repeat the recommended steps to solve them completely.

What Does Each PS4 Errors mean?

Below you will see several listings with different error codes divided into several categories to facilitate your search. You’ll find:

  • CE error codes: general / other type errors.
  • Error codes E: external type errors.
  • NP error codes: network server errors.
  • NW error codes: web library errors.
  • SU error codes: system update errors.
  • WV and WS error codes: version / web connection errors (PSN and others).

CE error codes (General / Others)


As its name suggests, in this section you will find error codes that refer to generic problems on PS4 systems. They are the most common.

CE-34452-8: Downloaded data may be corrupted

  • Step 1:Delete the contents of the home screen and restart the system. Then download the Library content again.
  • Step 2:check your network configuration well . Try connecting to a different network if the problem persists or select a static IP or change your DNS server .
  • Step 3:If the error continues, it could be because the network is busy , try to try again later. If the error reappears after waiting, go to [Settings]> [Initialization]> [Initialize PS4]> [Quick] to initialize the system.

CE-32875-5: An internal system error has occurred. Could not get time and date data

  • Step 1:connect your PS4 to the Internet .
  • Step 2:Go to [Settings]> [Date and time settings]> [Configure Using Internet] and select [Set now] .
  • Step 3:If the error occurs again, visit the PlayStation Support Center for additional technical support .

CE-37533-1, CE-37534-2, CE-37535-3, CE-37536-4, CE-37537-5, CE-37538-6: Facial recognition errors

Occur during face recognition at log-in . It is possible the saved data of your face is damaged.

  • Step 1:Login to the system and re-record the facial data.
  • Step 2:if the error persists, log in as another user and register your facial data again .

CE-35657-6, CE-30002-5, CE-33177-1: Cannot start the application. Application data may be corrupted.

  • Step 1:Go to [Notifications]> [Downloads] and delete the bug notification.
  • Step 2:make a backup of your data to a USB device or online (PS Plus), and start in safe mode to try to rebuild the database .
  • Step 3:If you still see this error, go to [Settings]> [Initialization]> [7. Initialize PS4 (System Reinstall Software)] and to try to update the system via USB . You have all the information on how to update a PS4 via USB on this page , go to the end of it: “How to update” section, “New installation of system software” option .

CE-32937-4: Error downloading data

  • Step 1:Select “Retry” in the error message that appears. Cancel the download and try again from the beginning.
  • Step 2:restart your PS4 and try the download
  • Step 3:If the error persists, the network connection may be busy or unstable. Cancel the download and try again after a few minutes.

CE-32920-6: Download canceled because content does not need to be downloaded

  • Step 1:Select [OK] in the error message. Then go to [Settings]> [PSN]> [Restore License] and try to restore all licenses .
  • Step 2:Next, go to the home screen to select the game icon . Check that the item you have purchased is available in the title. If you have purchased a subscription item (such as a season pass), go to [Settings]> [PSN]> [Account Information]> [Service List] to see if the item has been successfully activated .
  • Step 3:If you can’t find the item, restart your PS4 system and try Step 2 again.

CE-33950-0: Could not connect to the server to verify the license

  • Step 1: Theremay be a problem with the server, please try again later. If the problem persists, contact PS4 support .

CE-36244-9: Downloaded data may be corrupted

  • Step 1:Delete the contents of the home screen and restart the system. Then download the Library content again.
  • Step 2:If the problem persists, go to [Settings]> [Initialization]> [Initialize PS4] and try to initialize your PS4 .
  • Step 3:If the error reappears, there may be a problem with your PS4’s hard drive (HDD). If you recently changed your hard drive, use the above HDD . If not, please visit the PS4 support page for additional help.

CE-32928-4: The download has been canceled because the download of this content had already been started and presents an error

  • Step 1:Go to [Notifications]> [Downloads] and check that the content is in the list . Delete the content listed in [Options] and try downloading the content from the Library again.
  • Step 2:If you are not able to download the content again, please backup your data using a USB or PS Plus device. Afterwards, start the PS4 safe mode to try to rebuild the database. After rebuilding the database, restore the data and retry downloading your Library content.
  • Step 3:If the error occurs again, go to [Settings]> [Initialization]> [Initialize PS4] and force initialization of your PS4.


CE-32889-0: A game or application error occurred

  • Step 1:If an error occurred while using a game or an application , check the Internet connection in [Settings]> [Network] and selecting [Test Internet connection]. If the test fails to log into the PlayStation Network, please try again later , the server may be experiencing high volume of connections.

CE-32883-4: Internal error.

  • Step 1:turn off the PS4 and restart the system.

CE-33179-3: The application cannot be found. Test after installation is complete

  • Step 1:The installation of add-ons or DLCs may fail until the installation of the application / game is complete. Please wait for the game or application to install and try again.

CE-33991-5: Connection error

If you are having trouble connecting to the local network , try the following:

  • Step 1:PlayStation Network (“PSN”) or the server system may be temporarily unavailable. Make sure the PSN services and game servers are available.
  • Step 2:If both services are active , start an Internet connection test via [Settings]> [Network]> [Internet Connection Test] to verify that you can connect to the network .
  • Step 3:update the firmware of your router or router. To do this, you must contact the device manufacturer or your Internet Service Provider (“ISP”) for further assistance. Turn off other devices that are connected to your network. If you are still having difficulties, please try again later as the server may be experiencing high volume of traffic.

CE-34788-0: This update file cannot be updated

  • Step 1:The update file located on the USB device cannot be used . Make sure you are using the correct type of update. For a standard update : you will need the latest version of the system software that can be downloaded from this page . If you have already tried this, installed a new hard drive or initialized the system, you will have to install the software for your PS4 again .

CE-30774-1: Cannot update

Your PS4 has not been able to update the system software using a USB storage device , so you can try using the option via the Internet. If that is not possible, follow these steps:

  • Step 1:verify that the update file (“PS4UPDATE.PUP”) is stored in the “UPDATE” folder on the USB memory that you have to create for the update .
  • Step 2:If the error persists, the downloaded file might be corrupted , delete the update file from the USB device and download it again.

CE-34335-8: A hard drive was not detected on the PS4 system.

It occurs when your PS4 cannot detect the hard disk drive (“HDD”). Follow these steps:

  • Step 1:turn off your PS4, unplug the power cord and remove the top cover of the hard drive as indicated here .
  • Step 2:check that the hard drive is installed correctly . Gently pull it out and reinsert it making sure you connect it properly.
  • Step 3:If you still experience this error after reinstalling the hard drive , the hard drive could be damaged or faulty or your console may need a service check. If so, access technical assistance as soon as possible .

CE-34878-0, CE-36329-3: An error has occurred with an application or software system.

  • Step 1:Close the application, install the relevant system software and game update , and restart the system.
  • Step 2:If a PS camera is connected to the system, remove it and reboot the system . Then go to [Settings]> [user]> [Login Settings] and set “Enable face recognition” to OFF.
  • Step 3:If you have changed the hard disk drive (HDD) in the console, put the original hard drive back in.
  • Step 4:If the error occurs again, make a backup of your save data, then go to [Settings]> [Initialization] and select [Initialize PS4].
  • Step 5:If the error persists and occurs with all applications, or as soon as the application starts, contact PlayStation support .

CE-33743-0, CE-33945-4: The connection to the server has failed

If you are having trouble connecting to your local network , try this:

  • Step 1:PlayStation Network or game servers are temporarily unavailable . Make sure if there is a blackout (or not) in the PlayStation Network services and the game servers.
  • Step 2:If both services are working properly, please do an Internet connection test, go to [Settings]> [Network]> [Internet Connection Test] to confirm that you can connect to the Internet.
  • Step 3:update your router’s firmware. If you don’t know how to do this, contact the router manufacturer or your Internet Service Provider (“ISP”) for further assistance. Turn off any other device connected to your network. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please try again later as the server may be down.


CE-30392-7, CE-30608-7: Hardware error

  • Step 1:Your PS4 most likely needs a repair , contact PlayStation support .

CE-33992-6: Internet connection test error

  • Step 1:Make sure you are signed in to PSN before starting the connection test. If it fails, PSN may be undergoing maintenance. It is also possible that the PSN may be undergoing maintenance. You can check the status of PSN by following this link .

CE-30005-8: An error occurred while accessing the hard disk drive (“HDD”) or Blu-ray / DVD

If your console is having trouble reading from the hard disk drive (“HDD”) or Blu-ray / DVD , follow these steps:

  • Step 1:Remove the optical disc from the console, making sure it is not scratched or damaged .
  • Step 2:if the disk is in good condition. Try to rebuild the system database using PS4 safe mode option 5 .
  • Step 3:If the error has not been resolved, contact PlayStation support

CE-32947-5: Could not download file

  • Step 1:perform an Internet connection test in [Settings]> [Network]> [Internet connection test], checking that the status is correct.
  • Step 2:Delete the content (if it is displayed in the content area), and download the content from the Library again.
  • Step 3:If you can’t fix it, contact PlayStation support .

CE-32807-0: License error

  • Step 1:If you have already activated the system as your primary PS4 , go to [Settings]> [PSN]> [Activate as your primary PS4], deactivate it, and activate it again.
  • Step 2:Go to [Settings]> [PSN]> [Restore Licenses], and select the restore option .
  • Step 3:If you keep getting that error, please try again later or check the PSN status .

CE-34861-2: Connection to server has failed

  • Step 1:If you have been able to connect to the Internet before , the PSN or game server is most likely temporarily unavailable. You can check it from here .
  • Step 2:if you receive this error every time you connect to the internet, check your SSL configuration and that this service is available.

CE-33983-6, CE-33984-7, CE-33985-8, CE-33986-9, CE-33987-0, CE-33988-1, CE-33989-2, CE-33990-4: Error in internet connection test

If you experience problems when connecting to PSN, it could be because the time to access it (after login) has expired, resulting in an error.

  • Step 1:PlayStation Network (“PSN”) may be temporarily unavailable or due to maintenance services ( check PSN status ).
  • Step 2:Run an Internet connection test . For this go to [Settings]> [Network]> [Internet connection test] to confirm that you can connect to the network.
  • Step 3:If you still can’t connect, try reestablishing the connection to the local network by turning off the router / modem for 5 minutes and then turning it on again.
  • Step 4:if everything remains the same, update the firmware of your router , contact your internet service provider. And if the problem persists, try again later, the server may have too high a volume of visits.

CE-35287-5, NP-34993-8: Cannot connect to server

  • Step 1: PSN or the game server is temporarily unavailable . You must wait a few minutes and try again later.

CE-34224-5: Internal system error

  • Step 1:Make a backup of your saved data using a USB or PS Plus device. Go to [Settings]> [Initialization]> [Initialize PS4] and initialize your PS4.
  • Step 2:Restore the saved data.
  • Step 3:If the error persists, there may be a problem with the PS4’s hard drive (HDD). If you have recently changed the hard disk, use the initial HDD. If not, contact PlayStation support .

CE-35463-1: Disc cannot be played

  • Step 1:If you can’t play Blu-Ray / 3D media, files, CDs, DVDs, or movies, check that you haven’t inserted a game disc into the system (or vice versa).
  • Step 2:Make sure the disc you are using is not dirty, scratched or damaged .

CE-30784-2: PS4 did not detect the USB device

  • Step 1:Verify that the USB device is compatible with USB 2.0 or 3.0 .
  • Step 2:Make sure the device is properly inserted into your PS4 and wait one minute before trying to access the device.
  • Step 3:Make sure there are no multiple partitions on the USB device.
  • Step 4:check the status of your device on a PC if possible.

CE-34305-5: Error reading hard disk information

If your console cannot read some data from the hard disk drive (“HDD”), follow these guidelines:

  • Step 1:Install the necessary updates for the system in [Settings]> [System Software Update] and follow the instructions on the screen. Turn off your PS4, unplug the power cord, and remove the top cover ( here’s how to do it ).
  • Step 2:If you’ve changed the console’s hard drive, turn off the system and re-insert the original hard drive to try again.
  • Step 3:If the error persists, please try to restore the console to factory settings by following these steps .
  • Step 4:If you continue with this issue, visit the PlayStation Support page .

CE-30012-6: Internal error

  • Step 1:Update the PS4 system with the latest system software .
  • Step 2:Clean the optical disc in order to make sure that the media is not dirty, scratched or damaged .
  • Step 3:restart your PS4.

CE-35230-3: Network error. DNS server response speed is lagging

  • Step 1: Go to [Settings]> [Network]> [Internet Connection Settings]> [Custom] and change DNS settings .

Error codes E (External)

Generally, these errors are produced by elements external to the console but related to it, such as purchases through PSN or payment and billing information.

E-82000028: The credit card information is invalid

This occurs when the credit / debit card information stored in your Sony account is invalid.

  • Step 1:make sure your credit card details have been entered correctly.
  • Step 2:verifies that the information address on your account Sony is the same as that provided by your card issuer.
  • Step 3:If this doesn’t solve the problem, learn more about fixing billing errors .

E-82000102: Problem adding funds to a secondary account

  • Step 1: the subaccounts do not have a wallet , you have to add funds from the main account linked to the subaccount.

E-8200012F: Invalid coupon code

  • Step 1:check and re-enter the code verifying that you have not made a mistake in any number and try again.

E-8F000001: Purchase error

  • Step 1:Buy the game directly from the PS Store , not from a demo, a trial or a game add-on / DLC.

E-82F001F8, E-800085D1, E-82E101F6: Connection to server has failed, PS4 could not connect to server

  • Step 1: Pleasetry again later and check the current status of PSN by the way .

E-82000163: The address registered in your PSN account does not match the address of your credit card

  • Step 1:use your web browser (PS4, PC or from your mobile) to access your SEN account and change the billing information to the correct ones.

E-82000171: The saved credit card is invalid

  • Step 1:verify that your credit card number and expiration date are valid and up to date.
  • Step 2:Make sure the address on your credit card and the one on your PSN account are exactly the same .

E-82000138: Error adding funds to wallet using coupon or PSN card

  • Step 1:check that the code you are going to redeem will not cause the balance of your wallet to exceed the limit of 150 dollars / euros . If it does, try to redeem the code at a later date when your account balance is lower. If you are not at the limit and you keep getting this error, please try again later .

E-82F001F7: PSN is under maintenance

  • Step 1:in this case you must be patient and try again later . You can check the current status of PSN to make sure that the service is indeed undergoing maintenance.

E-82000113: The code cannot be redeemed. We have been unable to verify the voucher.

  • Step 1: You willneed to try again later.

E-82000134: The product code region does not match the account region.

  • Step 1: Don’t forget that many of the content for PS4 is protected by region. If you buy a product in another country or region , you will not be able to use it in yours.

E-80411302: Internal error

  • Step 1:close the application and restart the system. If this happens while you are in the PS Store , please exit the store and try again.
  • Step 2:If the error occurs again, make a backup of your save data and go to [Settings]> [Initialization], select [Initialize PS4].

E-82000156: Exceed change limit

  • Step 1:for security reasons, there are limits on the number of times and how fast you can enter your credit card details and download codes. Try again later.

E-82E0001C, E-82E01050: Access denied. The user has been blocked or suspended.

  • Step 1:to learn more about locks and suspensions, see the following article .

E-80F00800 Downloaded data may be corrupted

  • Step 1:Delete the contents of the home screen and restart the system. Then download the content from your Library again .
  • Step 2:If the error persists, go to [Settings]> [Initialization]> [Initialize PS4] and initialize your PS4 .
  • Step 3:If the problem does not stop, there may be a problem with the PS4 hard disk (HDD). If you have recently changed the hard drive, please use the original HDD. If not, visit the PlayStation Support page .

NP (Network Server) error codes

The error codes in this section refer to problems with the server or the various servers you use for online shopping or gaming. They may also be caused by a defect in the connection established via the internet with these services.

NP-32091-5, NP-34937-6: Trophy data may be corrupted

  • Step 1:Make a backup of your saved data using a USB or PS Plus device. Then go to [Settings]> [Users] and delete the user.
  • Step 2:Re-create the user and initiate a save data transfer to PS4 and resynchronize the Trophies.
  • Step 3:If you haven’t solved it, go to [Settings]> [Initialization]> [Initialize PS4]> [Fast] and initialize your PS4 .

NP-35000-8: PSN is under maintenance

  • Step 1:In this case, please try again later. You can also check the status of the PSN servers .

NP-31952-0: Could not connect to network

  • Step 1:Run an internet connection test and make sure all network settings are correct . Remember that PSN may be undergoing maintenance, so you can check its status here .

NP-34846-5, NP-32157-8: Trophy Error

  • Step 1:try to manually sync your trophies in [Trophies]> [Options]> [Trophy Sync with PSN].
  • Step 2:close the application and restart the system.
  • Step 3:If the error continues to reproduce, make a backup of your save data. Delete the user in [Settings]> [Initialization]> [Delete user]. Now create a new user and restore your data.
  • Step 4:If you have tried the previous three steps and the error persists, make a backup copy of the saved data (if you do not keep the previous one) and go to [Settings]> [Initialization]> [Initialize PS4].

NP-34926-4: Error loading / saving data to online storage

  • Step 1:The message “The data saved with the same name has been uploaded from another PS4 will appear on the screen. Do you want to overwrite this data save? » Select [Yes] to overwrite the data and load the saved data.

NW Error Codes (Web Libraries)

If you experience one of these errors, it is most likely that there is some kind of problem with your internet connection or with its configuration, it is important that you always make sure which network you are connecting to and, if it does not work, contact your service provider.

NW-31484-0: Unspecified DNS server

  • Step 1:Restart the PS4 system.

NW-31367-0: Wireless device could not be accessed

  • Step 1:Restart the PS4 system.

NW-31453-6: Delay in server response

  • Step 1:Perform an Internet connection test in [Settings]> [Network]> [Internet connection test]. Check that the connection status is valid.

NW-31172-4: Connection to the server has failed

  • Step 1:Perform an Internet connection test in [Settings]> [Network]> [Internet connection test]. If you can connect but keep seeing this error, the server is most likely busy . Try again later.

NW-31374-8: Connection timed out

  • Step 1: Checkthat the firewall settings of the router or access point do not block UDP ports 3478 and 3479 . If you don’t know how to verify this, contact the router manufacturer or your Internet Service Provider for further assistance.
  • Step 2:If you haven’t fixed this problem, please try again later as the server may be experiencing a lot of traffic.

NW-31294-9: Connection timed out, wireless connection instability

If you are having trouble connecting to the local network , try these steps:

  • Step 1:Run an Internet connection test in [Settings]> [Network]> [Internet Connection Test] to confirm that you can indeed connect to the Internet .
  • Step 2:Turn off the router / modem and wait 5 minutes before reconnecting.
  • Step 3:Update the firmware of your router. For help with this, please contact the router manufacturer or your Internet service provider. Turn off any other device that is connected to the network.

NW-31201-7, NW-31194-8: Could not connect to network

  • Step 1:PSN or the game server may be temporarily unavailable . Please check the status of the game server through its website. If you want to check the current status of PSN, you can do it here .
  • Step 2:If the servers are active, run an Internet connection test in [Settings]> [Network]> [Internet Connection Test] and make sure you can connect to the network.
  • Step 3:update your router with the latest firmware and turn off any other device that is connected to the network. If this doesn’t work, try again later as the server may be experiencing high volume of connections.

NW-31456-9, NW-31448-0: Connection error

  • Step 1:PSN or the game server may be temporarily unavailable . Check the status of the game server through its website and verify that there are no issues with PSN . This is most likely a temporary problem, please try again in a few minutes.

NW-31485-1 Time Out

  • Step 1:Restart the PS4 system.

NW-31162-3: Undefined error

  • Step 1:Restart the PS4 system.

NW-31200-6: Error updating system software due to connection error

  • Step 1:If you have access to a computer, follow these instructions to update your PS4 using a USB device .
  • Step 2:If not, try an Internet connection test in [Settings]> [Network]> [Internet Connection Test] and make sure you can connect to the network.
  • Step 3:If you have established the connection, try the update again from [Settings]> [System update].
  • Step 4:If you can’t connect, the network may be experiencing problems Check the PSN status and disconnect any devices that are connected to the network to and try updating again.

SU (Software Update) error codes

Its name is quite clear, this family of PS4 errors are related to the updates of the PS4 system due to the impossibility of being carried out or due to some kind of problem that has arisen and prevents the update from being carried out satisfactorily.

SU-35931-1: System software update data is partially corrupted

The system update may be corrupted due to instability in your connection , try the following:

  • Step 1:Restart your PS4 and download the system update again from [Settings]> [System update]> [Update via Internet].
  • Step 2:If this doesn’t work, you can update your console via USB ( more information here ).
  • Step 3:If you still can’t update your PS4, try restoring the console to factory settings before trying again.
  • Step 4:If the console is reluctant to update, it most likely needs some kind of repair . Contact technical support for further assistance.

SU-30696-4, SU-30645-8: Error updating system software

  • Step 1:The update file may be corrupted. If you are updating the system via the Internet , visit [Settings]> [System Software Update] and try the update again.
  • Step 2:If you are updating your PS4 via a USB storage device, try updating your console via the Internet via [Settings]> [System Software Update]> [Update via Internet].
  • Step 3:If this is not possible, update your system by following these steps .

SU-34328-0: An internal error has occurred

  • Step 1: Pleasetry again later.

SU-30733-6: The latest version of the system software is already installed

  • No actionis required in this regard.

SU-34322-4: Error updating system software. Time has run out

  • Update via Internet:Go to [Notifications]> [Downloads] and highlight the notification about the system update . Press the [Options] button and delete the content. Then try the update again via [Settings]> [System Update].
  • Update via USB:Retry the update from [Settings]> [System Update] preparing a USB in this way .

SU-30634-6, SU-30631-3: USB error while updating the system software

  • Step 1:Delete the update file from the USB storage device.
  • Step 2:Clear your browser cache and re-download the PUP file and try to update your PS4.
  • Step 3:If the error persists, try another USB device .
  • Step 4:If it is not solved, there may be a problem with the hard disk (HDD) of your PS4 . If you have recently changed your hard drive, please use the original HDD. If not, visit the support page .

Error codes WV and WS (Version / Web Connection)

These types of errors are similar to NWs and are related to your console’s connections to the internet , to services such as PSN or applications such as the web browser. They can also provide information on the status of your SEN account if it is blocked or suspended .

WV-33899-2: Could not connect to PlayStation Network (PSN)

  • Step 1:PlayStation Network services may be temporarily unavailable , check the PSN status .
  • Step 2:If PlayStation Network is available, run an Internet connection test from [Settings]> [Network]> [Internet Connection Test] to confirm that you can connect to the Internet.
  • Step 3:update your router firmware. If you don’t know how to do this, contact the router manufacturer or your Internet service provider for further assistance. Turn off devices connected to your network, and if you continue to have problems, try again later.

WS-37505-0, WS-37431-8: The connection to the server has failed

  • Step 1:PSN or the game server may be temporarily unavailable . Check the status of the game server through its website and check the status of PSN .
  • Step 2:If the servers are active, run an Internet connection test from [Settings]> [Network]> [Internet Connection Test] and make sure you can connect to the network.
  • Step 3:update your router to the latest firmware version. Please turn off any devices that are connected to the network, and if it doesn’t work, try again later .

WS-37337-3: This PSN account has been temporarily suspended

  • Step 1:The associated Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account has been temporarily suspended for violating the Terms of Service and Conditions of Use of SEN services. Check the email account linked to this account for more information.

WS-37368-7 This PSN account has been locked

  • Step 1:The associated Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account is blocked and you have been prohibited from accessing the services provided by SEN for violating its Terms of Service and Conditions of Use. Check the email account associated with your SEN account for more information.

WS-37504-9: PSN is under maintenance

  • Step 1: Pleasetry again later, you can check the status of PSN .

WV-33907-2: Operation timed out. Unstable network

  • Step 1:try again after a reasonable time.

WV-33898-1 – Connection timed out, web page cannot be opened

  • Step1:make sure the URL you have inserted is completely correct. If it’s okay and you can’t connect, please try again later.

Unexpected problems, customized solutions

As you can see, this list of PS4 errors is quite exhaustive , so do not hesitate to consult it if you need it at any time. Our advice is that, if you see that a problem persists or you are not able to find the origin of a problem that you are experiencing, it is best to contact the official PlayStation technical service . From here they will be able to help you better and provide you with answers more adapted to the error you are experiencing . So now you know, when in doubt, better ask.

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