How to be a powerful woman: learn how to draw strength within yourself!

There are women who are striking and leave a strong impression wherever they go. It’s not just the perfume she wears, the clothes they wear, or the impeccable makeup. It may be that they are not even the most beautiful in the environment, but they have an attitude that exudes power and makes men amazed and women jealous. But what makes this woman so different? How did she become a powerful woman?

I can say with all certainty that no woman is born powerful, she becomes a powerful woman throughout her life. And you must be thinking now: “They are probably exceptional women, with unique talents.” Well, you are wrong. A powerful woman is her grandmother, her sister, her aunt, an actress, a singer, her mother, a saleswoman, a neighbor, a friend. That is, any woman. And in today’s text I’m going to teach you what you need to do to become a powerful woman.

A woman’s power arises within herself. That inner strength that drives you to do new things and make changes. Powerful women are able to carry out actions that transform their lives, their family, their work and even their country.

In today’s text, we’re going to talk about

  • You first
  • Believe in yourself
  • Find your passion
  • Commit yourself
  • Don’t stop
  • Be authentic
  • Don’t compare yourself to other women
  • Take a stance
  • Help other women
  • No blame
  • Take care of your health
  • Make your own rules
  • Unreal expectations
  • Overcome fears

Are you curious? Want to know how to become a powerful woman? So, come on.

You first

Take a moment of the week for yourself. You must satisfy your own emotional needs and thus, you can develop emotionally every day. When we deal with a lot of stress, we are blocked and unable to move forward in any aspect of our life. Women are the first to think about others and children, husbands or boyfriends end up becoming priorities.

Remember: before you can make anyone happy, you have to be happy first. Love yourself.

Powerful woman believes in herself

When you believe in your skills, you project immeasurable strength. So, chase your dreams. When you have no confidence in yourself and believe that you are unable to do something, you do not evolve. Believe in yourself, no matter what. this attitude will help you achieve your goals and make your dreams come true. Trust yourself and your intuition and don’t depend on others to guide your way.

Find your passion

We are all good for something. Some have a vocation for engineering, others for working in a beauty salon, while others will be good lawyers. All of us have a passion that we must identify to take advantage of. Identify yours.

Knowing what we’re good at and working on it will be a great source of happiness.

Commit yourself

When you discover your great passion, commit yourself and go after what you want. There is no point in having goals, dreams and ideas if you do nothing to make all of this possible. Write a plan and get going today, not tomorrow. Follow up on that plan every day of your life.

Don’t stop

Be persevering and patient. Do not surrender and do not allow yourself to fail. Limitations are the pitfalls that life sets to prove that you are really worthy of fulfilling your big dream. Don’t be discouraged! You are strong and capable.

Be authentic

Shine with your own style. Powerful women dress as they want and like. Use fashion as a way to express your mood, preference and creativity. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and safe.

Don’t compare yourself to other women

It is good to have a model to admire, but beware of envy. This is very common, but it is a mistake. You waste time and energy that you could use for something more productive.

Remember that there are no perfect women, so it is useless to be frustrated. Become your best version.

Don’t depend on a man to be happy

Some women are delighted to be emotionally dependent on a man. This is a serious mistake. First love yourself and then find that man who wants you and respects you. Be the owner of your life. A powerful woman doesn’t need a man to be happy. It may even complete your happiness, but it can also be happy alone.

Take a stance

Ceasing to be always the good girl, who accepts everything quietly may even avoid fights, but it is not a healthy attitude. Repressed feelings are bad and can even make you sick. I’m not telling you to look for a fight but to know when to make a decision.

Don’t be a victim of circumstances, take a stand when necessary and set limits to protect what you value.

Help other women

If you feel you are good at something, or if you have advice that life has taught you to overcome obstacles and move on, pass on that knowledge. Society preaches a false idea that women are in constant competition with each other and that is wrong. Competition can be healthy, however, powerful women struggle to help others, not to beat them.

No blame

All the time, we feel guilty about something. If we’re at home, we think we should have devoted more time to work. If we are at work, we think of everything we should have done at home. Several times we also think about the choices we have made, what we could have done differently. The guilt consumes us and makes us unhappy. This needs to end.

A powerful woman doesn’t stick to the past, she focuses on the future and thinks about what can be changed.

Take care of your health

Take care of yourself and your body. If you want to be a strong and powerful woman you must take care of your health, as she is indispensable for us to carry out our plans. Go to the doctor and get regular checkups. Spend time in nature, rest when you are tired and start to understand your body.

Make your own rules

You don’t need anyone’s permission when you feel the need to make drastic changes in your life. If you want to change jobs, move houses or go out with a guy you recently met, just go. Make your own rules at the end of each day. You own your own nose.

Escape unrealistic expectations

How exhausting trying to be the wonder woman. She has to have an impeccable home, the best job, the best clothes and be a perfect human being. This is impossible. There is no way you can become that exemplary human being and not end up dead.

You are not a machine, so don’t push yourself too hard.

Overcome fears

If we remain in our comfort zone, we will never be able, for example, to find my dream job or our soul mate. Dreams are worthless if we don’t really fight for them. Let’s wake up!

Be happy

We can often make mistakes, this is normal, but we get up and move on. The important thing is to assume the role of protagonist of your own life, to put yourself at the center, to always value yourself. Remember: we can all become a powerful woman, it’s just a matter of believing in our own potential.

by Abdullah Sam
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