4 things you don’t know about motels – but you’ll love to discover!

Our bed, our four walls are good, they are comfortable. But when the business demands more freedom, we already know where to go. If you haven’t already, you’re missing out. Do you know what I’m talking about? When it comes to escaping the routine, there’s nothing like a motel! The motel is an incredible place, because you can live in the moment without worrying about whether your children will hear or open the door at any time. That place where there is an air of mystery, so sexy and engaging, able to spice up any relationship!

Here, I’m going to talk about some questions that you probably don’t know about motels. Nothing to pay or let go for lack of information. You may even think it is not a cool place for you, but it will not be for lack of information.

he motel is good because you can take a quick (and sometimes very quick) escape from reality, privacy and a scenario, often from a movie, to make any husband “very excited”.

Still, in the courses and years of experience I have, I find women who are very afraid of motels. Most think that motel is dirty and promiscuous … And you know what? Most of those who think that have never been. And if they were, they did not let themselves be carried away by the experience.

I always tell my friends: the moment is up to you. In the car or in the best luxury hotel room in Brazil, the walls will do nothing for your relationship. You, my friend, are going to make this experience great or boring. Only depends on you!

If you’ve been and have any questions, I understand you. After all, this is not a place full of mystery and legends.

I have prepared some important points to talk about the issue:

  • Don’t pay mico!
  • Hygiene in motels
  • Privacy
  • food
motel couple

That entrance, usually discreet, opens onto an exclusive garage. There is a little more peace of mind if, like the entrance, the car is also discreet. There is still a taboo in everything related to sex, so people prefer discretion at that time.

Motels know well and invest a lot in customer privacy. So much so that there is an air of mystery that surrounds absolutely everything. In addition, employees are trained to fulfill customers’ expectations of, above all, privacy.

On the other hand, motels are places where there is an intense exchange of body fluids. Some people are afraid to attend because of this.

Others go hungry, but ask for nothing at the motel. In some cases, they are just missing out on a great gastronomic experience.

Not having information on these issues gives us a great chance of: paying for a mico! And if there’s a place where we don’t want to pay, that place is the motel.

So come on!

1. Don’t pay mico!


No more talking about motels as if it were something out of this world! Things have changed. Motels are part of a financial market, they are commercial, so you have a vested interest in giving your customers what they expect. If you don’t know, don’t talk! If it was never in one, how about going? What’s the worst that can happen? I always say that we need to look at our relationships as life: sometimes we have to take chances. Those who do not risk do not snack! Literally. Have self-esteem and trust an amazing experience!

2. Is the motel dirty?

Well, in a world of existing motels, there are certainly some that are not serious and well managed enough. So I always suggest asking the tip for friends. Some names are already better known and respected. But the vast majority are very strict in terms of hygiene. Bathtubs, bathrooms, whirlpools, sheets and towels are thoroughly cleaned.

Some items can help you recognize the location, such as: the towels are always white, the location must be spotless and it must be obvious that the sheets have been changed.

As with hotels, your room may not have been tidy. In that case, call reception and complain. They usually relocate customers to a room that meets the network’s standards.

3. What if someone sees me?

ashamed woman

First of all: don’t panic. Or do you think that only you have sex? Stay calm, take it easy and laugh at the situation. Make the Egyptian and leave as if nothing else had happened.

Even priests and pastors know that sex is normal between a couple. So, don’t get attached to that! If someone sees you and it’s not possible to beat them, say goodbye as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Why, in fact, it is.

Motel privacy is also extremely respected. It is one of the pillars of a motel. Of course you need to do your part and not be hanging around in space. If you need anything, call the reception. Even at the time of payment, motels usually have small windows from which payments are made.

4. Beat the hunger! Trust?

Nothing like a good search on the Internet and among friends to find out if it’s worth it. Generally, eating in motels hurts your pocket. Many motels have kitchens worthy of great restaurants and sometimes with menus signed by great chefs. If hunger strikes and you want to take the opportunity, ask quietly.

Remembering that the motel is a trade. Therefore, the idea is that the company always wants to serve the customer well and guarantee the return. If you have any problems, you must complain to the reception. They know, and we also know, that if the experience is bad, their friends will soon know.

I really hope that you will not fail to live the best of your relationship due to prejudice or fear. Therefore, I have tried my best to talk about simple but also complex subjects. Talking about motels may seem silly to some, but to others it is something that no one has ever really spoken about. It may happen that even the chat between friends is not as intimate as ours here. Do not worry! I will continue talking about the doubts you have, no matter how complex the subject.

by Abdullah Sam
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