How to check the strength of a password

Security in front of the PC is essential today, and that is the reason why today we are going to talk about the need to choose good passwords while also helping you to check their security in a very practical way. fast and easy.

The importance of passwords

Passwords are a system through which we can encrypt certain content, so that we will keep it out of the sight of third parties.

In essence, they help us to prevent access to this content as long as there is no authorization on our part, but it is also important to bear in mind that in the event that these people guess our password, they can enter even without us being aware of it.

For this reason it is essential to learn how to create a secure password , but at the same time we will also have to remember it, so we will have to use some tricks that will help us combine both aspects in a very simple way.

How to create a strong password

Well, many of you already know that to create a secure password you need to mix letters ( uppercase and lowercase ), numbers and characters . However, it is not good to form concrete words, especially if they are habitually used.

For that reason we only have to think of a phrase and what we are going to do is use details of it to create and then remember our password.

For example, one option would be the riddle “ 100 ducks put in a box, how many legs and beaks are there? ”. In this case we could use the following combination: 100Pmc?cp*ps¿

As you can see, from now on it will be very easy for us to remember this password while at the same time we have created a combination that is very difficult to guess.

Process for checking the strength of a password

Once we have created our password we are going to take the next step which is to check its security . This is perhaps the most important point and the one that we should emphasize the most, which is why we are going to use a very interesting tool that the Kaspersky development team makes available to us completely free of charge. To do this, you just have to go to this address where you will see a window similar to this:

As you may have imagined, all you have to do is write your password in the box that appears in the central area, so that it will automatically indicate its security level :

In addition, at the bottom you will see a very intuitive graph through which you will check the time needed to decrypt the password in some of the most popular computers such as the ZXSpectrum , a MacBook Pro from 2012, a Conficker botnet or even the time that we would need to hack the password from the most powerful supercomputer today which is none other than the Tianhe-2 that we were talking about recently.


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