The 10 most powerful Portuguese women

Women continue to be a minority in corporate leadership. Among the 100 largest national companies, there are only five women in business leadership – a year ago there were only four. Paula Amorim is, therefore, an exception. She runs a €4bn empire that stretches from energy to fashion, while also running solo businesses. She is the most powerful Portuguese woman in the business world, but she is not alone. Read the full list of the most powerful in the business world in FORBES December and see the top 10 names here.

Paula Amorim

  • Age:48 years
  • Position:Chief Executive Officer of Amorim Investimentos e Participações SGPS

Claudia Azevedo

  • Age:49 years
  • Position:Executive President of Sonae

Manuela Medeiros

  • Age:67 years
  • Position:Founder and CEO of Parfois

Leonor Beauty

  • Age:70 years
  • Position:President of the Champalimaud Foundation

Isabel Mota

  • Age:68 years
  • Position:President of the Gulbenkian Foundation

Maria Candida Rocha e Silva

  • Age:73
  • Position:Founder and President of Banco Carregosa

Cristina Ferreira

  • Age:42
  • Position:TV presenter

Patricia Bensaude

  • Age:81
  • Position:President of the Bensaude group

isabel vaz

  • Age:53
  • Position:Executive President of Luz Saúde


Ana Rebelo de Mendonca

  • Age:50
  • Position:Shareholder of Promendo


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