Points to be Considered by Fasting In Ramadan

There are some points to be considered while performing every worship. So, what are the issues to be followed and attention when fasting? Here are the details that fasting people should know…

News update date 25.04.2020 09:32

Millions of Muslims fast with the coming of Ramadan. However, people need to fulfill some issues while fasting. In order for the fasting held to be accepted and for the person to perform more charity, these issues must be fulfilled completely.

1. You Should definitely Get Up

It is a separate beauty for the fasting person to stand up to sahura. It is believed that the abundance of those who eat something with a few bites by going to Sahura will increase. This situation is also included in the hadith and sunnah of our prophet.

  1. Making the Delay of Sausage

Just as one should do sahur in order to fast, it is another reward to do it by delaying the sahur. The importance of making the sahuru until it crushes and not missing the morning prayer is Hz. It is clearly stated in the hadiths of Muhammad.

  1. Opening the Iftar with Water or Date

Opening the iftar with water or dates is among the issues that fasting people should pay attention to. Because opening of fasting with water or dates is the sunnah of our prophet. When opening iftar, fasting should be opened with dates, if there is no, and if there is no palm, fasting should be opened with water.

  1. The Person Must Have His Tongue and Ear

One of the biggest things that the fasting person should pay attention to is that the person avoids sinning. Especially in people with fasting, as the nervousness increases, people should have the words of their mouths and not break their hearts. Likewise, one of the issues that one should be aware of while fasting is that he should not gossip and should not hear the gossip.

  1. Should Be Prayed in Iftar and Sahur

Praying when a person intends to fast makes it easier for their prayers to be accepted. Likewise, prayers with iftar time are easier to realize. Therefore, people should take care to pray at iftar time and at sahur time. There are many verses and hadiths in which especially prayers to fasting Allah are accepted.


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