The Most Beautiful Ramadan Month Prayers, Greeting Messages

The month of Ramadan is the most virtuous of the months; ” On a sultan of the month ,” he called. So why is it so important? It is important because the Quran started to descend this month. In Ramadan, there is fasting that nurtures our worshipers. There is also such a day in this month, which is better than a thousand months. The night of Kadir is in the last ten days of Ramadan. This month is the month that helps the believer correct the religion and world affairs. In this blessed month, prayers are accepted, and there is a reward for goodness. You will understand more about the importance of this month by looking at the verses and hadiths related to the month of Ramadan.

What are the Worship Made in Ramadan?

The month of Ramadan is the best opportunity for us to be cleared of our sins. We have to do our prayers every month, but we have to tremble over our prayers this month. As much as we can, we should spend the month of Ramadan with lots of worship. Worship we can do in Ramadan;

  • Since the Quran is downloaded this month, we should read the Quran in the amount we can read every day, if we do not know how to read, we should learn and go to listen.
  • We should not disrupt our prayer times, we should also focus on our accident prayers. Besides, when we wake up at night, we should perform the prayer of the Tajjjud, called the night prayer. We should not hinder prayer every day this month.
  • Tarawih prayers are sunnah prayers that are made specific to this month. Let’s try to perform this prayer as much as we can.
  • Giving charity and zakat is also worship. It is a great reward to help people who do not have the situation in Ramadan, to even meet the iftar meal of a family. Share with people around you during Ramadan.
  • Pray a lot. It is also a prayer to make good prayers.

When is the Month of Ramadan in 2020?

The month of Ramadan will start on Friday, April 24, 2020  and will end with the adhan on Saturday  , May 23. It will be Ramadan Feast  on Sunday , May 24th . During this blessed month, we should embrace more worship than before, and go before God. Allah is forgiving, forgiving. All blessed prayers will be accepted from the heart of this holy month. Pray, read the Qur’an, fast, and pray to God, and give God the right to this blessed month by praying.

Iftar Prayers  Ya Rahman! Who knows no limits in his womb! Don’t take your mercy or mercy for a moment. Accept our iftar in this beautiful and meaningful evening, your iftar will be fertile.

Prayers to be Read in Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is the most blessed in 11 months. The reward of worship held this month is more than the other months. The prayers made on the occasion of the month of Ramadan being high, and the month when the doors of the whirling are opened to the end are also accepted. Open the prayers that pass through your heart and ask Allah to open your hands. Allah is generous to Tealla, his mercy is abundant. Make these prayers every day during Ramadan. May Allah give according to our hearts. Amine.

– Allahummec’al siyamî fiîhi siyam’es-saimîn and giyamî fîhi giyam’el-gâimîn and nebbihnî an nevmet’il-ğâfilîn and heb lî curmî fîhi ya ilh’el-âlamin ve’u annî ya iyfiyen an’il mîfîen. “

My God! Make my fasting on this day like the fasting of true fasting, and my worship as the praying of true worshipers; on this day wake me from the sleep of the heedless; forgive my fault on this day; O god of the worlds! Forgive me, O forgive crimes. My God!

– “Allahumme zeyyinnî fîhi bi’s-citri ve’l-ifaf, vesturnî fiîhi bi-libas’il-gunûi ve’l-kifaf, vehmilnî fiîhi ala’l-adli ve’l-insaf, and aminnî fiih min kulli ma ehafu bi -ismetike or ismet’el-haifin. “

Meaning: God! Adorn me with veil and chastity on this day; dress me up to the contentment of contentment and conviction today; send me to justice and fairness on this day and secure me from everything I fear; with protection and wisdom; O protecting those who are afraid

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– Allahumme nebbihnî fîhi li-berakati esharih, and nevvir fîhi galbî bi-ziyai envarih, and huz bi-kulli â’zâî ile’t-tibai asarih, bi-nûrike ya munevvira gulûb’il-arifîn. “

 Meaning: God! Wake me up to take advantage of the blessings of today’s expeditions; Light up my heart with the light of the lights and make use of all the works and blessings of today’s limbs; With your light, that illuminates the hearts of the Eve!

– “Allahumme gavvinî fiîhi alâgameti emrik and ezignî fiikhi zikrik and evzi’nî fiî li-edâi şukrik bi-keramik vehfeznî fiî bi-hifzike and citric, or ebsar’an-nazirîn.”

 Meaning:  God! Empower me to execute your order on this day; taste the beautiful taste of dhikr on this day; Prepare me for your thanks on this day. protect me (from sin and trouble) on this day with your cover and cover; O prudent of the prudent.

– “Allahumme garribnî fiîhi ilzâtike ve cennibnî fiî min sehatike and negimatike and veffignî fîhi li-girâeti aâyâtike bi-rahmetike or erhem’er-râhimîn.”

 Meaning:  God! On this day, bring me closer to your own satisfaction and away from wrath and torment. Make me read your verses on this day; O mercy of the mercy of the right of mercy.

– Allahumme gavvinî fiîhi alâgameti emrik and ezignî fiikhi zikrik and evzi’nî fiî li-edâi şukrik bi-keramik vehfeznî fiî bi-hifzike and citric, or ebsar’an-nâzirîn. “

Meaning: God! Empower me to execute your order on this day; taste the beautiful taste of dhikr on this day; Prepare me for your thanks on this day. protect me (from sin and trouble) on this day with your cover and cover; O prudent most prudent!

– “ Allahumme veffignî fiîhi li-muvafeget’il-ebrar and cennibnî fiih murafagat’el-izrar, and avinî fiîhi bi-rahmetike to dar’il-garari bi-ilahiyyetike ya ilah’el-alemîn .”

Meaning: God! Make me be good friends with good people on this day and keep me away from friendship of bad people. With your mercy, give me a place in the homeland of eternity and calm – in heaven; to the right of divinity, O divinity of the realms!

– Allahummec’al siyamî fîhi bi’ş-şukri ve’l-gabûli alâ ma terzahu ve yerzah’ur-resûl, muhkemeten furûuhu bi’l-usûl, bi-haggi seyyidina Muhammedin and Âlih’it-tahirîn, ve’l- hamdulillahi rabb’il-alemîn. “

Meaning : God! On this day, please reward and accept the fasting I have in the way that you and the apostle like it and reinforce his furu with the method, which is immoral and infringed; All of our praise is to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, about our master Muhammad and his immaculate Ehlibeyti.

Iftar Messages  Appreciate is Yours, O Lord! You make the impossible possible; Don’t put us in a tight fit, and thank us when we fall in tare.

Verses Related to Ramadan Month

The verse is the commandments written in the Quran and sent to us by Allah. The month of Ramadan is handled as follows in the Quran. If we want to understand the importance of Ramadan, it is enough to look at the verses and hadiths. This is the month of Ramadan in the Quran;

– These are those who repent, worship, praise, fast, those who bow down and prostrate, who command good and keep them from evil and protect the limits set by God. Bless the believers. (Surat at Repentance 112)

– The month of Ramadan is the month when the Qur’an is downloaded as clear proofs of the truth and how to separate the truth from the curve. If so, those who perceive the month of Ramadan should fast for him. Whoever is sick or passenger at that moment (as many days as he can not hold) accident on other days. God wants easier one for you, not difficult one. All this is for you to complete the number and show you the right way, to praise and thank God. (Surat al-Baqara 185)

Fasting is in limited days. Whoever is sick from you, or who is on the trip, keeps it on other days as many days as he cannot. Those who cannot afford fasting give a poor satisfaction ransom. However, whoever does good by heart (for example, if he gives the ransom more) is better for him. If you know, fasting is better for you. (Surat al-Baqara 184)

– It was made lawful for you to approach your women on the night of fasting. They are covering you, you are covering them. God knew that you were persecuting yourself (approaching your wives during Ramadan nights), but he accepted your repentance and forgave you. Now approach your spouses and look for what Allah has written and appreciated for you. Eat until the brightness of the dawn is distinguished from the darkness of the night (until the place turns gray). Then hold the fast until evening. However, do not approach your spouses while you are in custody in masjids. These are the limits set by God. Do not approach these limits. Thus, Allah reveals his revelations to people so that they may avoid opposing themselves. (Surat al-Baqara 187)

– O believers! In order to avoid opposing Allah, Fasting is assumed to you as well as to those before you. (Surat al-Baqara 183)

The Words of Fasting Let the  light of Islam be filled with your heart, your office is heaven, Hz. May Muhammad be your neighbor, and wish happiness to your days and happiness to your heart. May your Ramadan sheriffs be blessed.

Hadiths About Ramadan

Hadith, our Prophet Hz. Are the words of Muhammad. These words from the past to the present have been compiled by scientists. This is how Ramadan is narrated in the hadiths in this way;

– Fasting. Surely fasting is shielded against Hellfire and the evil and misfortunes of the world. (Cami’üs Sağır, 4: 212)

– Islam is built on five principles: to witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the slave and messenger of Him, to pray, to fast, to fasten the Kaaba, to fast in Ramadan. (Tirmidhi, Iman 3, (2612))

– Fasting, find health! (Et-tergib ve’Terhib, 2:83)

– Whoever fasts on the way of Allah Teala, Allah makes a ditch between him and the fire, the width of which is between the sky and the supply. (Tirmidhi, Jihad 3, (1624))

– It is   as if anyone fasting during Ramadan and six days from Shawwal has fasted all year. (Muslim, Siyam, 203)

– “The month of Ramadan has come to you as a blessing month. Allah (swt) surrounds you with his mercy in this month, this month of mercy, deletes mistakes, accepts prayers. Allah will look at your races about charity this month and will honor you with their angels. Put up no against Allah. For the person who is miserable is the one who is deprived of Allah’s mercy this month. ”

– “Fasting is half the patience.” (Ibn Mâce, Siyam 44)

– There are no riyas in fasts. Allah, who is Saints and Celil, said: “He is for Me. I will give His reward to me personally. (Because) He leaves the fasting to eat, drink for Me.” [Bukhari / Abu Hurayra (ra)]

– “If the servants knew the advantages in Ramadan, they would want the whole year to be Ramadan.” When the month of Ramadan enters, the gates of heaven are opened, the gates of hell are closed, and demons are also chained. (Muslim, Rank 2, (1079))

– If a fasting person does not stop doing business with lies and lies, God does not need him to stop eating and drinking. [Bukhari, Savm, 8.]

– In Ramadan, forgiveness is made by remembering Allah. And anyone who wishes from Allah in that month is not deprived. [Ramuz El Hadith / Hz. Cābir (ra)]

– Let the nose of the person whose sins are not forgiven even after Ramadan enters and exits, the nose of anyone who does not enter heaven thanks to his parents, or one of them, but also those who do not read salat when I am mentioned next to him! (Tirmidhi, Daavat 110, (3539))

– There are two joys for the fasting: One is the joy when fasting opens; the other is his joy when he reaches his Lord. (Bukhari, Savm, 2)

Fasting Hadiths  “Whoever fasts one day on the way of Allah Teala, Allah makes a ditch between him and the fire, the width of which is between the sky and the supply.”  

The Most Beautiful Ramadan Month Greeting Messages

With the arrival of this blessed month of Ramadan, we have compiled the most beautiful Ramadan messages for you to send to your Muslim brothers on SMS, social networks such as Twitter , Facebook , Whatsapp . Here are the most beautiful welcome Ramadan month messages, the most meaningful Ramadan month messages, abundant dual messages;

– “Beginnings are the place of manifestation of the results”… Wishing that the month of Ramadan beginning with Mercy will be manifested by salvation, good Ramadan with greetings and prayers.

I wish that the month of Ramadan will cover all your mistakes as well as a good future, a hopeful new beginning by covering all the mistakes of the past, as it covers all the mistakes of the past….

– The month of Ramadan was for you, solace in your heart and save your soul from the pressure of dark souls …

– Ramadan month; to put his heart in His way … to open his hands to his path … to feed his soul … Let his heart find real arrival …

– Nasip Etsin Supreme Creator to spend a Happy Ramadan Month in This Month, where All Believers will feel the Abundance of Friendly Brother on both their Table and Heart.

– Put the Hot Soups on the Plates, Let the Sincere Chat Begin, Let the Month of Ramadan Be Blessed to All People in the Hot Slots…

– Our eyes are full of light, our hearts are full of faith, our palms are prayed, and our month of Ramadan is blessed to all of us ..

– Wish you to be blessed with blessings and mercy special to the month of Ramadan. Happy ramadan.

I wish the Ramadan as fertile as the rain and as sweet as the rain.

– All hearts will be filled with joy, hopes come true, pain will be forgotten, your prayers will be accepted and your Ramadan will be blessed.

– The day goes down … It turns dark … The night rises … Everything is reborn … With all the wishes that you say “Everything is over”, I hope that the holy month of Ramadan will be a peaceful rose.

– May our souls find peace, let our tables be filled, and our month of Ramadan be blessed. Happy ramadan.

– I wish you rich and abundant iftar on your small tables, and wish your Ramadan month to be blessed.

– You go to a door once, you are embarrassed in the second one, but there is a door that you go every day, you cannot get enough to go because you know there is only one “He” that will not fire you out of the door. Every day you pour out an “O” that will not bore you, an “O” will forgive you, an “O” will not hit your face, shame. Who knows you better than you. May my Lord cover our shame and forgive our sins for the sake of this holy month of Ramadan … Amen. Happy ramadan.

– Let your hands be open, your heart is full of love, and you have two drops of tears in your eyes and a drop of mercy from the showers of mercy. Brotherhood is the most beautiful prayer, brothers prayer for your brothers … May your holy month of Ramadan be beneficial …

– Allah, who is eternal, merciful and just, does not turn away those who pray to him. Hoping to meet in prayers in this holy month of Ramadan, which is instrumental in conveying our prayers to the lofty floor of our Lord.

– Let the bright sun of Islam fill your heart, the authority of heaven, Hz. May Muhammad (pbuh) be your neighbor, let your days be full of happiness and happiness, and Ramadan be blessed.

– I hope that the month of Ramadan will cover all your mistakes, as well as all the mistakes of the past, and that the month of Ramadan will lead to a new beginning full of hope for a good future.

– Vakt-i Şerif hayrola, defeat the sword, make Allah-ü Azümüşşan club lover, our repentance acceptance, our worship acquittals be acceptable. Dem-i Hz. Become Mevlana Sırr-ı Şems-i Tebriz-i, Kerem-i Imam Ali, Ya Muhammed Mustafa Nebiyyül ummi Huu. Your Ramadan-sheriffs should be blessed…

May Allah (swt) accept the prayers and fasting of all believers in the month of Ramadan. May Allah (swt) correct us from all evil. May our month of Ramadan be blessed.

– I wish you this blessed month of Ramadan, where brotherhood is permanent, love is united, friendships are not over, yet happy, hopeful and loving, where mercy rains like rain.


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