Pocketbook 632 Touch HD 3: Review

At PocketBook 632 Touch 3 HD six-inch screen that is just right for comfortable reading. Comfortable for those with good eyesight. If you take such a device, expecting to read, increasing to large print, it is better to take a device with a display of 7.8 ″. On such a large text is placed in full.

Adjustable backlighting allows you to choose the optimal shade for your eyes. And the built-in cloud storage holds tens of thousands of books – a whole library in one device! Moreover, in seventeen text formats and four graphic solutions. Isn’t this a holiday for the book lover! Well, let’s check out how ambitious this e-book is.

Appearance, design, dimensions

The reader looks like a large smartphone or mini tablet: the same rounded corners, thin frames, the dimensions are almost identical to the iPad mini 5 – 161.3x108x8 mm. By weight – a feather, only 155 g. Compared with the Amazon Kindle (after all, a competitor), our gadget is 50 grams lighter. This is a small, but still a victory, because with many hours of use, each gram adds weight when the hands get tired of holding.

The back cover is made of pleasant soft-touch material, similar to the feel of Apple cases. The color is noble rose gold, although the manufacturer calls it sharp copper (Spice Copper). The body is plastic, with an oleophobic coating, on which prints are not visible.

If you want to protect the reader from damage, the Pocketbook manufacturer offers branded covers. There are also many third party bumpers on the market.

Among the external interfaces, there is only micro-USB, through which the device is charged. Lovers of audiobooks can rest assured that a mini-Jack adapter (for wired headphones ) is included in the kit . And if you don’t want to use wires, wireless headphones and portable speakers are connected to the reader via Bluetooth.

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Battery and autonomy

Inside the device, powerful hardware and numbers are proof of this:

  1. Processor – Intel Dual Core.
  2. RAM – 512 MB.
  3. Built-in storage – 16 GB, which is enough for 20-30,000 books in text and 300-400 audio versions.
  4. The battery capacity is 1500 mAh, which is slightly less than the iPhone SE.
  5. Duration of work – up to 8000 pages. In reality, the figures are lower, since the battery is gradually “eaten” by the backlight and wireless connections. With average usage (500-800 pages per week), a single charge lasts 5-7 weeks. This is confirmed by numerous reviews of users of this model.

You can control the device using gestures and keys on the front panel. The interface does not “dull” even when the device is fully loaded.

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The E Ink Carta HD matrix fully emulates the surface of a paper sheet, so your eyes will not get tired after long hours of constant reading. And here’s the proof:

  • Resolution: 1440×1080 

Translated from numbers, this is a full-fledged FullHD picture on which you can see the smallest details.

  • Pixel density – 300 ppi

Even small serif print is easy to read.

  • There is a night illumination 

The light becomes warm, which “presses” less on the eyes in the dark.

  • Adjusting the color temperature 

It is not necessary to be limited to a white sheet, you can choose any of a dozen shades: from warm orange to arctic blue.

  • Color change does not drain the battery 

Pocketbook works with proprietary backlight technology from the manufacturer of screens for readers E Ink

  • Intuitive SMARTlight 

The device itself adjusts the brightness and color temperature to the environment (like an iPhone with TrueTone). You can also set up a schedule for changing shades – convenient for those who know in advance under what lighting they will read.

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Supporting software

Pocketbook supports many formats. This includes the familiar PDF and DocX and the unusual DJVU and EPUB. Here you can upload downloaded documents and read officially purchased e-books. The device works with the DRM system (a special label indicating the licensing of the purchase of the book).

Moreover, PocketBook 632 can become a portable gaming and even workstation, as it is equipped with popular applications.

  1. Games
    Chess, Solitaire, Sudoku.
  2. Photo gallery
    You can view photos (though only in monochrome).
  3. Pocketbook bookstore
    With offers to download any works from the manufacturer’s library.
  4. RSS Reader
    You can follow the RSS feed of the portals of interest.
  5. Dropbox
    One of the most popular cloud storage services.
  6. Explanatory Dictionary
    Provides the ability to quickly translate without access to the Internet.
  7. Notes It
    will help to keep your thoughts about the readings.
  8. Browser
    You can go to any site. True, the content will be black and white.
  9. Translation of text into sound
    It is enough to download the book and run the “voice to text” function – the device will automatically read out what you have written. You should not wait for the announcer’s reading. However, robotic reading will help you get acquainted with the works if you cannot read it yourself.

You can download books in three ways – see the table for more details:

Transfer method How to get the book
By cable 1. Download the document to  your PC.
2. Connect the reader.
3. Transfer it to the internal memory of the device.
Through the cloud (Dropbox or Pocketbook cloud) 1. Log in to the cloud on the reader.
2. Download the book to your computer / phone.
3. Upload the document to the cloud.
4. Connect the reader to the nearest  Wi-fi.
5. Go to the cloud and download the book.
By E-mail 1. Go to the “e-mail books” application in the e-book.
2. Come up with a login (which will become a mail) and a password.
3. Receive a unique e-mail (will look like login@pbsync.com.
4. After that, you can send documents to this “box”.
5. New files will automatically appear in the Send-to-PocketBook folder.

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Price and quality

PocketBook 632 Touch 3 HD demonstrates flagship characteristics, while the price of the device is mid-budget. Depending on the store, it can be bought for a price from 5,500 to 7,000 UAH. And given the practicality of the device and the IP7 waterproof protection, this is a real treasure, past which it would be a sin to pass without looking.

The controls are intuitive, the file manager resembles that of iOS devices. So even those who have never used such devices before can cope with the reader.

This device will become a true “life companion” that will not let you down at night or under the scorching rays of the sun on the beach. The ability to hold a charge for a long time and the presence of games makes it a worthy replacement for a printed book, smartphone or tablet.


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