Tecno Camon 12: Review

Manufacturer Tehno released model smartphone with improved photo and video. The developer paid attention to the design style – the device is available in several colors, and the shades smoothly turn into overflows in contrast to the main color. With the available characteristics, design and functionality, the gadget entered the budget category . From the Tecno Camon 12 review, we learn about its pros and cons.

Tecno Camon 12 specifications: table

Options Description
CPU Octa-core 2GHz chip
Camera Tecno Camon 12 Triple camera (16MP + 8MP + 2MP) for perfect shooting
Display IPS screen with superior color and brightness
Battery 4000mAh capacity with optimized power consumption
RAM 4 GB for system responsiveness
Inner memory 64 GB for storing photos and videos

Judging by the numbers, Tecno has released a balanced device that most consumers can afford.

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Appearance, design, dimensions

Techno Camon 12 case in three colors. The manufacturer added unusual color combinations to the classic gradient: black with dark blue, blue with purple and blue with gold. On the back there is a smooth glossy finish that looks impressive, but easily soiled.

On the front side is the display and camera in a waterdrop notch at the top center. The front camera is equipped with a flash, which is enhanced by two LEDs. This allows you to take pictures that are brighter and clearer. In this case, the flash is placed on both sides of the lens, which provides uniform illumination when shooting self-portraits.

The smartphone is sold in a colorful box, inside is an adapter, a charging cord and headphones. Also included is a case with an improved quality than previous models. The silicone is dense and scratch resistant. The connectors are covered with plugs that reliably protect from dust and debris.

Also, the manufacturers put a good protective glass in the box with the gadget , and not the film, like in other Tecno models. This is commendable, the user will not have to spend money on a protective accessory.

Battery and charging

The device is equipped with a capacious 4000 mAh battery. This potential is enough for up to two days of active use of the gadget. Such capabilities will allow you to stay connected, even with constant Bluetooth and Wi-Fi activity.

The gadget has a smart power saving mode. This option limits power consumption, reducing the cost of infrequently used applications. Also, to optimize power consumption, you can enable restrictions on the launch of background applications.

The user can set the format for displaying the charge level at his discretion. This can be a visual display of the remaining charge or a percentage indication. These settings can be configured in the device parameters. Setting the power saving options helps to extend the battery life.


In Tecno Camon 12, camera overview is a key feature. The device is equipped with three advanced photo modules: 16 Mp, 8 Mp and 2 Mp. There is also an autofocus system in accordance with the DualPixel technology solution. This makes focusing twice as fast as with traditional models.

The camera is equipped with artificial intelligence technology that can detect scenes and set the optimal settings for them, which allows you to achieve the best results in photography.

From a real view of the Tecno Camon 12, it becomes known that the camera is equipped with a wide-angle lens. It is capable of capturing scenes up to 120 degrees. This model has expanded the possibilities of night photography. The footage taken in the dark remains bright and saturated.

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Techno Mobile has its own development centers, due to which it manages to produce models with the maximum optimization between software and hardware. The smartphone runs on the Android 9 OS , which is hidden under the HiOS 5.5 shell. Fast program response is ensured by 4 GB of RAM . This is a high figure for a phone. The user will be able to use the gadget for making calls, taking photos, filming and launching gaming applications.

The smartphone is compatible with microSD memory cards with a capacity of up to 256 GB . In Tecno Camon 12, the characteristics indicate that the gadget can combine cards with internal storage. Not all mobile devices from the price segment up to UAH 5000 have this ability.

The operating system has an accessible and useful interface. For example, the device has a game mode that optimizes the frame rate, reduces heat and controls the battery charge. In order not to be distracted from the game, pop-up messages can be turned off.

The shell also provides a gesture control option. The user can take a screenshot by touching the screen with his fingers.


The characteristics of Tecno Camon 12 indicate that the screen of the device is based on an IPS matrix. It provides maximum viewing angle and high image clarity. With a 6.52-inch display diagonal and a side aspect ratio of 20: 9, such a smartphone can be used as a personal cinema. Watching movies or videos on such a screen is a pleasure. The viewer can observe:

  • bright and rich picture,
  • realistic image,
  • accurate color balance.

Another feature of the screen is the small size of the cutout for the selfie camera. If the owner of the smartphone doesn’t like it, you can disable this option in the settings. To do this, in the phone settings, you need to select the option “hide the notch area”.

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Appearance of standard screens and menus

Tecno Сamon 12 (overview) includes the appearance of the on-screen menus. The smartphone is equipped with an intuitive interface. You can use a fingerprint or face scanner to unlock . The scanner functions clearly – up to 108 points are involved in unlocking. Techno Mobile has improved the algorithm to make it more secure.

When scanning the user’s appearance, about 240 points of the face are taken into account. The system is able to recognize the owner of the gadget even if he is wearing glasses and a hat. Applications from the main menu can be sorted alphabetically. This makes it easier to find the software you need.

  1. You can transfer frequently used applications to the device desktop. Thanks to this, the necessary software will be at hand every second.
  2. Also, by default, the user is free to choose a convenient interface language.
  3. In the gadget settings, you can set the phone to unlock when touched. To do this, you need to double-touch the screen.

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Price for Tecno Camon 12

With the available specifications, the smartphone is quite cheap. The price of UAH 3499 is fully justified by the functionality. A three-modular auto-focus camera allows you to take high-quality and clear images.

The battery has enough capacity to use the available functionality on a daily basis. During the day, you can connect to Wi-Fi or use a mobile Internet connection, make calls, use instant messengers, launch game applications – all with a potential of 4000 mAh battery.

Based on the reviews and characteristics of the smartphone, this is a worthwhile model with a large screen. The device fits comfortably in the hand, does not slip out. It works quickly, does not freeze, the capacity of the internal memory is enough to store the necessary files. To take even more photos, you can add a 128 GB memory card to the gadget.

And finally. An unusual feature for a smartphone in this price segment is the presence of a scanning system. Therefore, buying one, you get a functional device with savings for the budget.

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