How To Play On Pc With Xbox One Controller

Since the release of the latest Microsoft console, Xbox One , many PC users who previously used an Xbox 360 gamepad to play their favorite titles have started to look at this new controller with increasing attention, often wondering if it was worth spending the own money to upgrade.

The gamepad, for which Microsoft spent $ 100 million on development , was very well received by console players, proving comfortable to grip and with responsive controls. One of the most appreciated features seems to be the new d-pad , much more precise than that of its predecessor. A factor that should not be underestimated that could tip the balance in favor of the Xbox One controller, especially for those who play fighting games like Street Fighter V or the recent Dragon Ball Fighterz and are not used to using an arcade stick.

So, call for pleasantries and let’s see together how to play on PC with Xbox One controller.

USB connection
If you want to use the USB cable you will have to make sure you have a free port on your PC, both desktop and notebook and insert the other end of the cable into the upper slot of the gamepad.
Recognition should be immediate if you use a Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating system, which will find the drivers from their database without you having to make any further options.

Wireless connection
Those who do not particularly like cables may prefer to use the Bluetooth module.
Activate the gamepad by pressing the central button ” X ” of the Xbox brand, immediately after you have to start sending the bluetooth signal by pressing the button next to ” LB “, top left for 3 seconds .
On the PC, instead, go to the ” Settings ” tab and then click on ” Devices “.
Select ” Add Bluetooth or other device “, then ” Other ” and finally ” Xbox Wireless Controller “.
Then finish the operation to start playing your favorite games without cumbersome cables.

If you have further problems connecting your gamepad, do not hesitate to contact our editorial staff!


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