How to play on PC with PS3 controller

If you have a PS3 controller, the first step is to update the drivers. Therefore download:
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
Microsoft Visual C ++ 2013 Runtime
Microsoft DirectX Runtime

If you still use Windows 7, you will also need to add the following to the list:
Xbox 360 controller driver

After downloading, install the individual drivers, finally restarting the system.
Now connect your gamepad to the PC via a USB cable and download ” Scp Toolkit “, starting the installation.

By opening the program you will see a menu with various settings, select the ones you prefer (our advice is to leave the basic ones) and then click on “Install”.

After a short wait you will find a green button in front of you, click on it and a further window will open where you will have to choose which drivers to use, in this case you will have to choose the “Dualshock 3” ones and, once again, press the “Install” button on the right side of the screen.
After a further wait, during which we advise you not to press anything, you can use your controller with any game that has XInput support, behaving exactly like an Xbox 360 controller.

To manage settings such as vibration and analog calibration, all you have to do is access the settings of the previously installed Scp Toolkit program.

How to play on PC with PS4 controller

Gamepad owners for Playstation 4 will not have to follow any complex procedures if they decide to use the controller to play titles on the Steam client. All you have to do is connect the gamepad via USB cable, or by pairing Bluetooth, and perform the latest Steam update (necessary for the drivers for the pad support to be automatically installed). Then enter BigPicture mode by clicking on the white box at the top right (easily identifiable since it has two arrows inside), so you can navigate through the menus using the d-pad or the left analogue of Dualshock 4, choose your favorite game and start having fun.


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