Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville – Where are all the diamond gnomes

Inside the colorful and fun Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville there are two types of gnomes: the golden ones and the diamond ones. And it is precisely the latter that we are going to bring you a guide now as they are much more complex.

Their numbers are abysmal compared to the 72 golden gnomes, but each of the nine diamond gnomes (three per region) will require a lot of skill and patience. But the final (surprise) payoff will be well worth it.


Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville – Where are all the golden gnomes

Center: location with the diamond gnomes

The Center region , accessible with both Plants and Zombies, has three totally different tests for obtaining the Diamond Gnomes. In one you will have to circumvent a large lake, looking at the sunken platforms to be able to “float”; in another you will have to face a mechanized gnome; and in the last one, solve a series of puzzles. Luckily, everything works out better in video.

Mount Slope in the new Plants vs. Zombies

The Sloping Mountain of the Plants will force us to jump between endless mobile platforms on melted cheese, solve an (almost) eternal puzzle with rotating totems and face another mechanized gnome again.

Strange Forest in this Battle for Neighborville

Finally, in the Strange Zombie Forest we will have another duel against a mechanized gnome (explosive, in this case) along with a test in which you will have to climb some trees jumping on various platforms. For adults, the third diamond gnome, right on the coast, will be a challenge of increasing difficulty in a Minesweeper plan. Seeing the solution on video is very easy.

After obtaining them all, you’ll have a series of juicy rewards at each of the gnome shrines, with the final surprise at the Center in the form of a secret boss


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