Call of Duty: WW2 “Reich Zombies” – How to Stretch Up to 20 Attacks in “Prologue”

A few tips and tricks that will allow you to stretch up to 20 attacks in the Prologue of the Call of Duty: WW2 zombie mode

In Call of Duty: WW2 ‘s Zombie Reich mode, there is a small map, alternatively called the Prologue (Glausten Haus). In fact, completing it will require you to have high enough survival skills. This map is exclusively dedicated to survival, packed full of perks and weapons that should help your team defeat waves of zombies. About four rooms and two floors are waiting for you to navigate. To last as long as possible, you will have to unlock various secrets.

Here we are going to provide you with some tips that will make your survival task easier and help you make it through to round 20. If you manage to do this, you will earn the Under Pressure trophy and be one step closer to learning the map 100%. This requires nerves of steel, but many other tricks as well.

Survival Tip 1 – Unlock the Mysterious Box Room

To unlock the mystic box room on the second floor, you will need to shoot ten lanterns. Two of them are the hardest to find as they are located outside the map !!! You will need to look through the windows to spot them.

  • Four lanterns on top.
  • Four lanterns below.
  • Two lanterns outside the map.

External lights can be found through the windows on the ground floor. Look through the window at the bottom of the living room stairs. Another Lantern – Look through the kitchen window and see it on top of the hood of the truck. Both are subtle, but still worth it.

Survival Tip 2 – Get your MP-40, any minigun and bombs

You will need a lot of ammo, so it is unwise to rely on two weapons from the mystical box. Buy an MP-40 to stock up on ammo if you can’t find boxes with them, and keep using the mystic box until you get a weapon that can be used against zombies. The heavy minigun is the best choice!

Note. The minigun or assault rifle should be your primary weapon. When you run out of ammunition, then take a new weapon from the mysterious box.

In addition, you will soon be able to get bait bombs, which, after an explosion, lure zombies, group in one place, and then explode. It is ideal for getting out of the most difficult situations!

Survival tip third – use bombs before replenishing fast recovery and armor

Armor and fast recovery are your only defense on this tiny map. You will have to use the machines, but still do not rush – with each new purchase of armor, its value in points increases. Buy it only when you really need it. The Quick Recovery Station is another important resource, and you should make sure that you also only use it when needed.

Decoy bombs are incredibly useful. When you have no armor or just lost a quick recovery, you can always throw one of them to lure the undead horde before heading to safety and restoring your perk / armor.

Survival Tip 4 – Use Free Fire and Aim for the Head

To make your life easier, choose the free fire perk as your main perk. Other skills are also useful, but still this one will be the best for quickly exterminating the dead. Useless MP-40, when activated, this perk will save your life more than once in the most difficult situations.

Since the undead become more powerful with each round, and you do not have a weapon upgrade station, you will need to strive to shoot opponents in the head. After collecting zombies in one pile, use free fire – this is one of the best strategies for eliminating zombies in later levels.

Survival Tip 5 – Explore Zombie Spawning Areas and Find a Route

Zombies on this map do not appear randomly. They always spawn in the same location every round. If you know where these spawn points are, you can catch the undead by surprise, avoid their traps – you will not let the enemy attack you from behind, because you will know where and when he is attacking.

Start from the first floor and shoot the zombies that appear at the kitchen window. Run upstairs to the station with the armor and attack the undead, which will begin to climb the stairs, following from the lower corridor.

Go down to the ledge near quick recovery (keep firing to avoid being trapped) and run to the opposite staircase, returning to the station with the armor. You will form a chain from a group of undead.

Return to the ledge for a quick recovery. If you have the ability of free fire, then use it right now – aim at the head of the undead and kill them with any weapon. When they get too close, jump down to the ledge again, go around in a circle and repeat the steps. Continue running in circles from the zombies and shoot them near the quick recovery ledge.

This is the easiest way to win! You should definitely use these ledges on the second floor to avoid collisions with a lot of zombies and give yourself some time to breathe. This is a difficult task, but you can even get a trophy using this tactic in solo mode.

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