Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville – Where are all the golden gnomes

One of the most interesting collectibles from Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville and that we had already seen in the previous Garden Warfare 2 we have it in the golden gnomes . Its importance lies not only in those large amounts of experience and coins that it reports, but a series of rewards.

That is why we bring you a guide with the 72 golden gnomes in the entire game, a somewhat complex task in some cases even though we have bought the various maps with their exact location, since for some it will be necessary to perform a not very obvious prior action. So let’s get down to business!


Games with the most zombies per square meter, from lowest to highest number of undead

Center: location with all the golden gnomes

Whether controlling plants or zombies, the Center is the only region, apart from the Dizzying Park, that both sides can access. And while the missions change from one to another (which affects the gadget), the collectibles remain and this extends to the golden gnomes as well.

Therefore, to obtain 100% of golden gnomes you will need the gadget of the Center, being the Freak in the case of the Plants and already the stink bomb of the Zombies . This means that you will have to complete a good part of the campaign in that region to be able to get all the golden gnomes since for some you will be forced to use the gadget to unlock access to those gnomes.

For the rest, you will see that some are simply hidden, in others you will be asked for tests of skill or career dodging obstacles or activating a series of mechanisms that are not seen with the naked eye so that totems come out with which you will have to interact later. These dynamics apply to the rest.

Mount Slope in the new Plants vs. Zombies

Mount Slope is accessible only with Plants and here the gadget to unlock in order to get 100% of golden gnomes is the Harmonica . There are some elusive ones, especially those that are on the edge of the cliff, but it is a matter of practicing until you get them all. Total, there are infinite lives …

Strange Forest in this Battle for Neighborville

Finally there is the Strange Forest where you will control the Zombies. His gadget is the funky Boombox , necessary like the other regions to be able to get all the golden gnomes as some areas are blocked.

Once you have the 24 golden gnomes in this region , open the map and click on the gnome sanctuary and obtain two special chests. And do the same with the Center and Monte Pendiente. With the diamond gnomes you will already have to sweat .

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