Periodontal disease is a risk factor associated with other general ailments

Oral diseases are one of the important triggers that can affect systemic diseases. The most notable are cerebrovascular and respiratory disorders, cardiovascular disorders, pregnancy conditions, diabetes and influences on general health , since bacteria from the mouth can penetrate the bloodstream and affect the entire organism.

The periodontal diseases are bacterial infections that cause inflammation of the gums and cause tissue damage teeth. They can be caused by various factors, such as dental plaque, tartar, microbial biofilm or different practices that affect good oral function . In these processes, a large number of inflammatory agents are produced that can affect the system in three ways: Metastatic infection or bacteremia (bacteria enter the bloodstream and spread); metastatic damage (endotoxins and lipopolysaccharides are lethal to cells); metastatic inflammation (caused by antigen-antibody reactions and the release of chemical mediators).

Regarding cardiovascular diseases , it is understood that oral bacteria pass into the bloodstream and settle in abnormal valves of the heart and tissues that were already damaged, causing their inflammation and causing ailments such as endocarditis, myocardial infarction, heart disease, thrombosis, etc.

On the other hand, when there is a failure in the defense mechanisms, the relationship between periodontal and respiratory disease occurs . One of the factors may be the aspiration of bacteria from the oropharyngeal area (at the end of the oral cavity) from the periodontal pockets, which penetrate and spread through the respiratory tract until reaching the lung. Some of the most frequent pathologies are bronchitis, bacterial pneumonia or lung abscesses.

People with poorly controlled diabetes are also at higher risk for periodontal disease, as periodontitis increases blood sugar and increases the amount of time the body must work with high blood sugar. Diabetes also causes thickening of the blood vessels, which can weaken the resistance of the gum tissue and infect it.

Due to the large number of ailments that can cause periodontal disease, iDental professionals advise frequent visits to the dentist to carry out a general review of the patient’s oral health and establish the necessary preventive methods that prevent the development of an oral infection.


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