Pericón fan

Preicon fan . It is a large fan widely used, due to its dimensions, in the world of theater and dance , especially flamenco .


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This type of fan is the most widely used in flamenco dance. In general, fans are a very typical complement to Spain , which can have various uses and sizes. Specifically, the pericón fan is used in flamenco dance as an accessory that complements the dance movements and makes it look more colorful and spectacular. This is the largest size we can find and is made of wood and a high quality fabric. They do not weigh excessively and are bearable so that you can execute your movements safely. They are available in various colors and we recommend that you try combining different shades of different colors to give a bold look to your flamenco wardrobe.


  • Good quality wood and cloth
  • Great durability
  • Smooth and pleasant to the touch finish
  • Nice finish lacquer coat for a brighter and more visually appealing color
  • Shape, very ergonomic designs
  • 100% designed and manufactured in Spain


These fans are made of natural wood and therefore can present slight imperfections that are natural in the wood. We also want to indicate that when working a material of fine thickness and not elastic, sometimes not every edge, edge or corner is perfect after cut of the pieces. This is completely normal when working with fine-thickness natural materials


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