What happens when the graphics card fan spins wildly for a few seconds?

After the computer was turned on, I found that my graphics card would not turn after turning it. The editor looked puzzled. After consulting a lot of information on the Internet, I found out that there are various reasons for this situation, so the editor made a summary, and now I will follow it closely. Let’s talk about the specific reasons why the graphics card fan does not rotate. It is normal for the graphics card fan to not rotate after turning on for five seconds. The graphics card does not rotate all the time. It will only rotate when the temperature reaches a certain index. When the graphics card reaches a high temperature, it is prone to load conditions, so not turning it will actually make the graphics card last longer!

Graphics card fan spins wildly for a few seconds when booting up

The graphics card fan spins violently for a few seconds at startup, which indicates that your discrete graphics card is very good, with fully automatic shifting. High-end discrete graphics cards will adjust the speed ratio of the cooling fan according to the temperature of the integrated ic. If the temperature of the integrated ic is low, the radiator fan will be low, or even not rotating, in order to reduce noise.

What should I do if the fan of the graphics card turns on for five seconds and does not turn on when the power is turned on?

  1. The hardware can only be confirmed by the troubleshooting method. You can’t guess it. It is recommended that you replace the power supply first to see if the power supply is burnt or the power supply is insufficient.
  2. No matter how you look at this situation, it is also the fan control, or the graphics card fan itself has a problem, there is no other way, just replace it, it should be still under warranty, don’t start playing again, otherwise the graphics card will burn.
  3. I have also encountered this problem. I unplug the graphics card and see if the fan does not rotate after installing it, but it does not rotate. It means that the graphics card has a problem with the power supply of the fan. Finally, I took it to the after-sale service, and the fan socket on the motherboard If it can match, it can be plugged into the motherboard, and it can also be plugged into the power supply. I just changed it and plugged it into the power supply.

The above is what happens when the graphics card fan runs wildly for a few seconds when the computer is turned on? The details of what to do if the graphics card fan turns on for five seconds after starting up. For more tutorials, please pay attention to the computer system city.


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