How to replace a PS3 fan

The Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) is cooled by a fan located at the base of the console interior which prevents electrical circuits from overheating. In the event of a malfunction and the needs of replacement fans or if you want to install a larger fan, you need to remove the parts above the cooling system to gain access to it. It is recommended that you disconnect the PS3 from the power supply before starting and perform the procedure in a well-lit area.
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lift the rubber foot from the left side of the console with a small flathead screwdriver. Remove the torx security screw hidden underneath. Slide the top of the case to the left.

Remove the seven screws on the cover under the top of the case. Lift the lid to access the bowels of the PS3.

Disconnect the power supply (the silver box on the left). Remove the five screws holding them in place. Lift out of the body.

Unscrew the four screws that secure the Bluetooth card (with a small ribbon cable running to it). Lift the Bluetooth card.

Disconnect the wide ribbon cable connecting the Blu-Ray drive to the motherboard. Disconnect the plug on the front of the Blu-Ray drive. Pull out the unit.

Remove the four screws holding the circuit board containing the “Eject” and “Reset” buttons. Disconnect the ribbon cable and take out the card.

Remove the four concealed screws below. Take out the entire motherboard.

Turn the motherboard over. Remove the four plastic clips that secure the back panel on. Remove the back cover.

Lift the cooling system fan on the back of the motherboard and disconnect the cable securing it.

Connect the cable to the new fan and slide the new fan into the cooling system bay. Replace the PS3 parts in reverse order to reassemble your PS3.

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