How to see files over a network on My PS3

Game consoles have come a long way in a short period of time. The “PlayStation 3” in particular has uses far beyond just playing games on a connected screen. Use the PS3 to connect to the internet and home network, access all media files and play with friends. Thanks to this network feature, you can play music and videos stored on your computer on your TV, without the need to transfer files to the main drive.Things PlayStation you need
Ethernet cable or wireless LAN adapter

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Connect the PS3 to your home network via wireless connection if available. Select “Settings” and “Network Settings”, then the X button on the game controller. Select “Internet Connection Settings” and then the “Wireless” button right on the controller and select “scan” and press the right button again. The system will show a list of nearby access points. Choose the one that represents your home network and press the X button. Enter a username or SSID name and the WEP number. The ISP has this information if you don’t know what they are.

Download and install all software updates from the web server. PS3.

Select the computer holding the files from the network menu on PS3.

Locate the file within the folder hierarchy.

Select the media file and press the X button to play the file on PS3.

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