How to have the perfect body: check out 10 basic rules

Who never dreamed of the perfect body that throws the first stone. Six pack abs, spotted legs and ass without cellulite , rigid and flabby skin, large breasts and the famous “curves” of the “guitar woman” corresponds to the ideal of a perfect body that many people run after.

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However, what becomes reality for some continues forever as a dream for thousands of women. Getting the body you want is not easy and depends mainly on the effort to take care of food and practice physical activity. For women with slow metabolism and a tendency to accumulate fat, the challenge gets even more complicated.

However, unless you have a chronic illness that prevents weight loss, having a perfect body is not an impossible task. It is possible to get there with a set of actions focused on the objective, effort and of course, a lot of patience. Remember that as long as there is motivation, the chances of success are great. (Summer project: five simple exercises to do at home)

Before starting this journey, reflect on whether this is what you want and need. There is no need to follow beauty standards and it is possible to feel happy and satisfied even with some fat. However, if you are already determined, get ready to face a long adventure towards the desired body. Below are 10 rules that, if not followed, tend to lead you to failure :

1. Focus on the goal:

You have a goal to fulfill and that goal must be constantly on your mind. It is no use remembering what you want from time to time and forgetting most of the time, as this will make you make big mistakes.

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What is your main objective at the moment? Lose weight? Reduce sagging? Gain muscular mass? Whatever it is, be focused and persistent, as the results do not appear overnight and each slip in the diet and training killed will leave you farther from achieving it.

2. Workout all year:

Overall, concern for the perfect body appears even when summer is about to begin. After spending a winter season eating at will and taking a vacation from physical activity, despair appears and it seems to be too late to lose the desired pounds before putting on a bikini.

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Whoever wants the perfect body cannot take a vacation from healthy eating and physical activity. The gym has to be part of your routine all year and some winter delights will require a little resistance to continue transforming your body during the other seasons. (Tips to not get discouraged from the gym and have good results)

3. Diet without escape

To achieve the desired body, it is essential to change the idea of ​​being on a diet for the idea of ​​adopting new eating habits. Having the perfect body does not require you to restrict food temporarily, but it does require you to adopt other behavior in your diet that is permanent.

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This also means giving up some foods like sweets and fried foods for good. Of course, eating something more tasty from time to time will not be such a serious failure, but you must be aware that this “eating from time to time” does not become daily or weekly. (Myths of diets: know seven mistakes that can harm your health)

4. Accompanied training

You can train on your own, but remember that follow-up is always welcome. With proper guidance, it is easier to evolve quickly in muscle training, as you will be able to change rhythm at the right time to cause new challenges to the body and demand more from your body during weight training.

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5. Detailed objectives

Having the perfect body can be compared to any other goal in life. If you want to start a company, travel the world, have the dream car or the perfect body, you need to outline the objective in more detail so that all the stages of the process are even clearer for you.

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Write down what you like about your body and what you would like to change. Do physical activity aimed at the parts of the body that you would like to gain muscle, for example, and research suitable foods for quick and healthy weight loss. (How to lose and tone your belly in up to eight weeks)

6. Stay motivated

Motivation is a real fuel that takes you to the end of the road to success. Poetic? It may seem, but it is still real. As long as you are motivated and excited to conquer the desired body, the results are on the way, when you lose your strength, everything goes down the drain.

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In this process, the most important thing is to focus on the results you want and devise strategies to keep your mind focused on the goal. Look at images of the body you would like to have, examine yourself in the mirror, search for new physical exercises and try new healthy foods.

7. No obsessions

You must be aware, from the beginning, that it will not be easy. Take it easy and take it one step at a time, without becoming obsessed or desperate with the results. Avoid negative thoughts and never repeat to yourself that it is impossible and that you will not succeed, remember that words are powerful.

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8. Learn to love yourself

The perfect body may be related to well-being and self-esteem, but what comes first is certainly self-esteem. Even if you want to change, it is very important that you know how to love yourself the way you are now. Feel beautiful, happy and thankful. , because the mental state can make all the difference in the result.

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9. Take care of your skin

There is no point in making efforts for the perfect body and forgetting to take care of the skin. This does not only include the loss of flaccidity, but skin care on a daily basis. Keep your skin hydrated, use sunscreen and avoid being exposed to the sun for a long time.

A tip : coconut oil can be a great ally to prevent wrinkles and keep your skin well cared for.

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10. No rush

If you do everything right, you can see the results little by little over time. Even if at first it doesn’t seem to have made much difference, as the months go by, you will notice more firmness, weight loss and muscle gain.

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The process is really slow and requires patience. If you give in to the desire for quick results, you may fail with inadequate diets and feel unmotivated for not getting what you want. Focus on your desire, be calm and take one step at a time towards the desired body.


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