Dermacyd Challenge. Feel the difference in 15 days or your money back.

Hello Girls, we all know that hygiene plays a very important role in maintaining our health. And we women need extra attention and daily care when it comes to intimate hygiene. With our hustle and bustle of our daily lives or even due to lack of knowledge we end up leaving it aside and that is where the danger lives, as we are contributing to the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that can cause us a lot of discomfort. After all, do you know how to take care of your intimate hygiene?

First of all, it is worth noting that our vagina contains microorganisms – oh yes! – good bacteria called Lactobacilli that are part of the vaginal flora. This flora is balanced by the acid pH of the region, which prevents the development of fungi and bacteria that can lead to the appearance of itching, discharge, irritation and bad odors – extremely unpleasant, isn’t it ?! Proper cleaning of this region keeps our flora balanced, preventing all these discomforts.

Care starts right when choosing panties, always give preference to those made of cotton fabric because it facilitates ventilation and reduces perspiration. And leave that piece of floss only for special occasions, as frequent use can cause lesions in the genital region. The use of quality intimate soap daily is essential to keep the pH of the region balanced and healthy. Only these soaps have appropriate formulations and with an acidic pH that does not interfere with the natural flora and still creates a hostile environment for harmful germs to health. Always give preference to liquid soap as it is easier to apply.

A good tip for quality intimate soap is Dermacyd, which is highly recommended by gynecologists. It maintains intimate health, provides a pleasant feeling of intimate cleanliness, free of unwanted odors all day long, a delight for girls. The novelty launched by the brand that I found very interesting is the Dermacyd Challenge, which aims to encourage the use of a proper soap for such a delicate region. The challenge works as follows: just use for 15 consecutive days, choosing the fragrance that you like best, and see the difference, it is a wonderful feeling of protection and freshness for 24H. And the cool thing is that if you don’t feel that difference, Dermacyd returns your money. Cool right!

The intimate soap should be applied in a small amount externally in the region of the vulva, clitoris and perineum. Use circular movements very gently and remove any dirt that is present. Then rinse with plenty of water and pat dry with a soft, dry towel.

Remembering girls, never use a vaginal shower, it is extremely harmful to our vaginal flora. Double the care and frequency of cleaning during the menstrual period. And preferably sleep without panties to increase ventilation in the room.

Did you see how easy it is to maintain good intimate hygiene? With simple tips and a good intimate soap you will always be free of unpleasant surprises. And you who don’t use intimate soap yet, it’s worth taking part in the Dermacyd Challenge, which guarantees a feeling of freshness and protection that will make you really feel the difference.


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