Myths of diets: know seven mistakes that can harm your health

Weight loss is a desire for some and a real struggle for others. Those who find themselves with obesity problems end up being forced to adopt measures that favor weight loss and health recovery. For those who are just a little overweight, the desire to lose weight is usually related to the aesthetic issue.

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Whether your reasons are related to aesthetics or health, the fact is that losing weight is a challenge that must be faced with responsibility. The desperation to lose weight causes many people to take the wrong actions, adopt diets that promise rapid weight loss and harm their health.

The best way to lose weight in a real and healthy way is through the adoption of a serious diet in conjunction with the practice of physical activities. When learning about a new weight loss program, be sure to research the source, if there are any health professionals behind it and if the method in question is really healthy.

Know the main mistakes and types of diets that harm health and do not contribute to effective weight loss :

1. Believe in miracle diets

The great demand for forms of weight loss has caused this market to expand, also opening doors for the entry of many opportunists. Upon learning that people are looking for quick ways to lose weight, companies and programs suddenly appear and promise to grant this “magic formula” for weight loss.

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Whether through the sale of products, medicines , explanatory books or any other system, it is very important to be careful with this type of proposal. Be wary when the “method” promises to be fast and without many cuts on the menu. Also be aware of proposals that show no basis or the participation of trusted professionals. (Know the dangers of weight loss drugs)

2. Single nutrient diets

The same is true of single nutrient diets. There are diets of soups , fruits and other restricted foods , prohibiting users from eating a portion of essential nutrients for the body. More dangerous than a diet that cuts only one nutrient, this type of weight loss program can cause serious damage over time.

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You may actually be able to lose weight this way. However, in addition to harming health, this type of diet makes the user recover the pounds lost very quickly. It is not possible to follow a restricted diet forever, and the moment the person loses weight and returns to normal routine, the body quickly regains the lost fat.

3. Cut nutrients from the routine

Many of the leaky diets involve cutting out some nutrients from the routine. There are famous diets that call for cutting carbohydrates, for example, which can be very harmful to health. Whoever adopts this type of diet ends up subjecting the body to a lack of some important nutrient.

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Remember that a serious diet will never ask you to abandon some common nutrient in your diet. You may have to cut down on some types of food, but never cut something completely out of the routine. Most serious diets work with balance programs, which provide a complete and balanced diet.

4. Stop eating at night

There are those who believe that eating carbohydrates or other substances at night can put on weight, since the loss of energy is less during the night. In fact, it is not advisable to eat a lot before bed and especially to eat heavier meals at night.

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However, it is not necessary to cut any food ingredients overnight. Bet on light foods at night, without exaggerating the quantities. However, follow a diet that allows you to eat different types of nutrients at different times.

5. Spend many hours without eating

Many people who want to lose weight come to the conclusion that they need to eat less. To achieve this goal, some people decide to go on a hunger strike and spend hours without eating any food. This type of attitude is inefficient, uncomfortable and totally harmful to the body.

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If you spend hours without eating, you will end up overeating as soon as you give up hunger. The ideal is to eat every two hours, always betting on light snacks. To lose weight, it is more efficient and healthy to eat a few times a day than to eat a lot in one or two meals a day.

6. Fall on the accordion effect

A major problem with ” miracle diets “ is that they do not offer a lasting program. If the user is able to lose weight through cuts in food or the use of medicines and products, the tendency is that the lost pounds will be recovered as soon as the person decides to abandon the adopted diet.

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With the repetition of the accordion effect, the user ends up suffering with greater sagging skin and difficulty losing weight. In addition, many people become discouraged by the results, giving up on a diet without realizing that they were just betting on the wrong methods.

7. Bet on unnatural products

Shakes, supplements and other products that promise to lose weight cannot replace natural meals. Many people who bet on these products end up eating improperly. Some products may indeed help in the process, but they cannot substitute for ordinary food.

Try not to buy weight loss products and, if you want to try, do this without jeopardizing your daily diet. A shake cannot be substituted for lunch or dinner and, if taken, it should be just a supplement to the diet.


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