Diet with egg: find out if food is good or bad for your health

The target of numerous controversies related to health benefits and harms, the egg has already been criticized and praised numerous times by researches that tried to decipher whether the food does harm or not for those who have high cholesterol (LDL) problems .

Responsible for supplying 200 mg of cholesterol to the body, the main condemnation of the egg would be in relation to the ability to increase cholesterol levels in the blood. However, countless experts have already discovered that more than 70% of cholesterol is produced by the liver itself and that blood rates depend on the metabolism of each organism.

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For those who have cholesterol or heart problems and have suffered from a heart attack, for example, the consumption of eggs is recommended in a moderate way, with a maximum of two yolks per week. For those who do not have this type of problem, the egg only has health benefits, being a rich source of protein, vitamins and minerals.

For the diet, food can be a great ally for healthy weight loss. In addition to having low calories in its cooked form, the egg guarantees a feeling of satiety, which is essential to reduce the amount of food per day and lose weight more easily and without damage to health. Learn more about the nutrients of the egg and see how to add the food to your daily menu .

Egg Benefits

It is not for nothing that the egg is the great darling of those who want to lose weight and increase lean muscle mass. In addition to being easy to prepare and very tasty, the egg provides good amounts of quality protein, in addition to numerous other benefits to keep the body healthy and nourished. Meet some of them :

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• For the organism

Rich in proteins and vitamins , such as the B vitamins and vitamin A , the egg is a light meal that contributes considerably to the body’s nutrition, being recommended to be consumed every day, especially for those who do not have cholesterol problems.

The egg’s nutrient list doesn’t stop there. The food is also rich in iron , zinc , potassium , manganese , folic acid and other substances. In addition, the egg also has nutrients that contribute to eye health and help prevent diseases such as cataracts.

• For musculature

Through leucine , the main amino acid in egg white protein, food is also important for muscle growth and maintenance . This is also why the substances in the egg are part of a series of supplements for those who want to increase lean mass and develop muscles.

• For the mind

The benefits of the egg are not only limited to the maintenance of the organism, but also bring benefits to the mind. Choline, present in the B vitamin complex and rich in egg yolk, is essential for good brain health and especially for the production of neurons.

The amount of choline needed for daily brain maintenance is present in just one egg. By eating an egg a day, it is also possible to reduce the risks of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, according to health professionals.

Diet friend

The egg can be a great element for those who want to lose weight healthily, eat more properly and increase the consumption of vitamins and proteins per day.

Recommended mainly in the morning, the food offers only 80 calories when consumed in cooked form and has slow digestion, which made hunger take longer to appear.

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For the diet to cause the necessary weight loss, it is necessary to consume fewer calories per day than it is consumed, a task that will not be so difficult to be accomplished in the company of the egg. However, remember that only one food or a healthy diet is not as efficient if you do not practice physical activity on a regular basis.

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For those who are willing to increase the egg diet, at what times to eat and how many eggs to eat a day is an important detail, but it depends on the condition of each one. While an athlete will need more egg protein, a sedentary person will need smaller amounts.

However, in general, food can be consumed in the amount of one egg per day, for healthy people and without cholesterol problems. For those who work out and want to increase the dose, consulting a health professional to know the appropriate amount according to personal conditions is the best alternative.

Tips and care

  • When buying eggs, keep an eye on the validity and appearance of the food. Choose the newest ones and check for cracks or damage to the shell.
  • Before preparing your meal, wash the eggs thoroughly in tap water and dry them well before breaking the shell. Also, do not forget to wash your hands before handling to avoid contamination of the food.
  • Be especially careful with salmonella. Avoid eating eggs that are already cracked, as the bacteria can enter the food. (Symptoms of Salmonella infection)
  • Also to avoid bacteria and to consume healthier, the recommendation is that the food is cooked. No fried eggs or meals with raw eggs.

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  • Choose the time to consume the egg according to your time available for preparation. For some people, the ideal is morning consumption, while for others the preparation of food can fit better at dinner time.
  • If you have a cholesterol problem or want to consume more eggs a day, be sure to see a doctor to see if it is possible and what the recommendation is.
  • For those who do weight training or aerobic physical activity suchas running, some recipes with eggs can be very useful for muscle recovery, such as boiled eggs with chicken or sweet potatoes.


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